About Me

My name is Rafa Yasmin Imani. I am a girl living in Jakarta, pursuing my dream as a fashion designer>:) (not rly)
 But you can call me P or Papaya, 
well, for you people who don't get why/want to know why it's must be Heavenly Papaya,
papaya is a combination from Ra-faya-smin. 
And i think papaya is the cutest name modification!
As for the heavenly part, I just love the name..Heavenly.

Born on 19th of February in 1999.

I started blogging since April 2013!
But got serious in blogging in early 2014 lol^^
I've always liked to share what happens in my life to every people,
 and I love making new friends on internet too!
I started to blog because I fed up with the people in my city that thinks only those popular girl can style up. I want to prove that Fashion is piece of ourselves, and we all have it. 

I use Canon EOS 60D (with 18-200mm Lens) for the photos in my blog.

Sometimes I get told that my style is weird, not suitable for me whatever you say so. 
and Sometimes, I even got mean glances from people around me.
But, it's ok because I don't live to please other people.

I love Tartan and Gingham prints! I love both of it! I love fruits prints on clothes too!
I love vintage-ish Summer style! They looks so cute on every people! 
I love bubblegum, heart glasses and soda too!

...And burger. Don't forget about it!

1st row : Seto Ayumi, Manitas
2nd row : Mim&Mam, Kyary
3rd row : Hirari Ikeda, Yura Peko
4th row : Eva Pinkland, Roro Ruko

I also love Vintage Retro 50s style! I also like holographic things, Platform shoes, Rainbow and neon colored thingies, I like everything!!!

And, I love listening to good music.

 I really like alternative-rock, funk rock, post-rock, dream pop and shoegaze genre~
My favorite Musicians/Bands are Blur, Damon Albarn, Die Antwoord,
 Gorillaz, Grimes, Kero Kero Bonito, Kyst, Little Dragon,
 Lush, My Bloody Valentine, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Clash.

If you like one of those Musicians/Bands I mentioned, we should fangirling about bands together!^^
Also, Check out my Last.fm to know more about my music that I listen to.

Also, some fun facts about me!

-I have phobia of Submarine and Zeppelin. Also, I'm an androphobic (not severe, tho)
-I'm easily scared with passerby
-I'm a Lefty
-I love writing journals
-My face always looks sleepy/high

p.s ; I don't care what other people think of my style. I wear what i want to wear, if you insult me because i'm being myself, shame on you because you don't appreciate other people's opinion.

You can ask me anonymously on my Ask.fm (If you're too shy to ask here;p)


  1. Just reading this, I already like you :'D

  2. hello there, p-chan! i really like your style and how those kawaii clothes fit your kawaii face as well >°°°^°°°<

  3. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the sweet comments on the bloggy, I just recently had a chance to visit you and I looooove your blog!!! I love burgers and Japan as well, I think we should be best friends :D Also, your style is totally Japan-like and you would fit in there with no problem :D
    Really enjoyed browsing through your posts, you're awesome and I'm your new fan! ^_^

    1. WAAAAAA thx thx thx thx you so mucccchhh<3333 >,<)/

  4. Nice motivation to start your blog! Love your nickname btw, it's cute ;)
    Please do visit my blog too~


  5. Anyone who likes Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a cool person!

  6. You know papaya-chan you are my first motivation to learn something that important now wkwk:v
    So thankyou very much have been inspired me and presented in my life at the past😜😜
    Good luck for you and your blog too❤

    1. AAAAH omg makasih diniiii!! miss you<3