Thursday, May 11, 2017

dirty harry

college has started again:') I'm in my 3rd term right now:D wish me luck ok?
tbh my goal for the past 8 month is to graduate next year (I'm applying for 2 years college so...;) )
but just realized that if i keep pushing myself 
i won't achieve anything and ended up failing everything.

so I'm doing things in my own pace, not too slow, and not too fast:D 
but luckily I've passed my adaptation to art/design major phase:)
just realized it's very wrong to think that design major is an easy major 
(I'm gonna bite you ok if you say that)

sooo yeah! ok no more chit chats about college bc the first 3 weeks is still easy...just see in the end of the term, I won't be showering for days or applying make ups, I will only care about my projects :D

ofc the title is from the band that i wear in this outfit! gorillaz!
phase 2 isssss SOOO heavenly for me, I love noodle in phase 2;_; 
kinda reminds me of my first crush lmaOOooOOo 

and dirty harry is one of my fav song from demon days!:D

Here's list of my fav songs from demon days :

-Dirty Harry
-El Manana (I will cry a river tho after listening it)
-O Green World
-Feel Good Inc. (what kind of gorillaz fans that doesnt like this song)
-All Alone
-Fire coming out of a monkey's head

btw i'm wearing tee that i bought in...february?ithink? as an early birthday gift for myself, to myself???
I saw this tee in late 2016 and i was so devastated over the fact that this tee has been sold out</3
BUTTTT SOMEONE SELL THIS AGAIN... M-size tho...but still!!!!!111I need to own this, so there it is! I'm so lucky that someone haven't buy this tee yet!!!:D I'm sooo grateful!

I also wear jeans jacket I just bought in thrift store in lampung:D (4$ tho;_; so ixpensiv i kennot)
BUt i really like the thicc denim material also the shape! so... it's ok:-)

Also because of nuudz wearing 'dirty harry'-ish outfit,
 I think it'd be cool if wear my camo prints skirt!
besides, I'm really bored (you guys might be too lmao) wearing my 'signature' denim shorts

shoutout for my friend for lending me this cute glasses.... thinking of investing some cute glasses.


the details of the tee!

remember to buy only authentic band tees! 
it's really ok to buy secondhand
 but custom prints fashion band tees....are...idk....i'd judge u tho.

me lov

I DIY-d my tights here;) bc yknow, sheer tights are so fragile, even the slightest thing can rip them off, and this sheer thin, suddenly it has 5 rips or more... so I just rip them off:D
it looks cool, fortunately.

What I Wear :

Tee : Secondhand
(i usually browse band tees via instagram with #kaosbandsecond or #kaosbandbekas or #kaosbandimport!)
 Denim Jacket : Thrifted
Camo Skirt : Thrifted 
Tights : unknown brand but i rip them off by myself;~)
Sneakers : bugis street

See ya!!! i still got 2 posts or things like that;D


  1. Those outfits are AMAZING! I love your style girl!!!!

    Maybe if you have some time you can visit my blog? You definitely inspire me.

  2. Whoaa!! The style realyyyyy suits you and i love your hair <3

  3. Duuuude, the t-shirt is the bomb indeed and love the fact that you DIY the tights, the outfit has a certain grunge taste to it, and I love that as well.
    I adore your new hair color as well, I missed your fun posts <3

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