Thursday, May 11, 2017

dirty harry

college has started again:') I'm in my 3rd term right now:D wish me luck ok?
tbh my goal for the past 8 month is to graduate next year (I'm applying for 2 years college so...;) )
but just realized that if i keep pushing myself 
i won't achieve anything and ended up failing everything.

so I'm doing things in my own pace, not too slow, and not too fast:D 
but luckily I've passed my adaptation to art/design major phase:)
just realized it's very wrong to think that design major is an easy major 
(I'm gonna bite you ok if you say that)

sooo yeah! ok no more chit chats about college bc the first 3 weeks is still easy...just see in the end of the term, I won't be showering for days or applying make ups, I will only care about my projects :D