Sunday, April 23, 2017

she's only 18

HEEEy!!!! me is back!! welcome to me purple swamp
longgggg time since my last post rite:") 
well, i just finished my 2nd term of collegeyYEYEYyeyeyYEY
gimme award pls

since i dont really enjoy talking about my college life
 (NOO!!it's great the poeple are so nice and super cool and supportive i luv me COLLEGE frends)
 but im becoming really tired everytime thinking about college 
because thEY ONLy give me 2 weeks of holiday smh

but it all ok! me is able to enjoi me life!^_^

Ok real question but when was the last time you treat yourself a gud thing?

if it was a long long long long time since the last time you treat yourself

you deserve all the gud things in life!

ok but im saying this because i feel really content with my life right now because i learnt that we deserve a healthy relationships, so, if you have toxic relationship, throw it away!
dont be scared about being alone after throwing away toxic relationship, 
you gonna find a new, much better, untoxic people!

ok enough with the chicken soup

2017 habit : wearing makeup that makes my face looks like i've been crying for 3 days str8

I'm wearing my regular to go college outfit!

My formula is always like this :
Band Tee + Denim Shorts + Tights + Any Outerwear (Prefereably a flannel shirt or Jeans Jacket)

I'm wearing my fav band 5ever tee today:D It's rhcp!
wearing dem 2006 stadium arcadium tee!
I'm feeling really lucky that i found this tee on instagram online store, when i found it i was all like FUFUFUFFUFUCkNEED TO BUI THAT oMg???
because the print is so cute:") 
stadium arcadium is not my favorite album from them (my favorite is one hot minute and the getaway!) but i always like the album cover of stadium arcadium:D

about the title, btw
i just turned 18!!! in february!!!:"D
i was really into my birthday but my birthday sux
but it's ok:)
btw i really like the guitar solo in she's only 18:o)

I also wearing my fav stripy jeans jacket!
(btw i finally learnt the difference between jeans and denim....after all these years... yay for applying for fashion design???i guess????)
I think i should go find some more cute stripy jeans jacket, it's really cute:") 

my tee details! LOOK AT FLEAOMG??????such a bee to our world
And ofc, wearing my fav fav fav fav 555eva denim shorts :o)
Also, I'm wearing the ultimate ~edgy cat~ tights everyone has (or it just me lmao)
(but u must have seen it somewhere RIGHT????if u follow japunese fashion)

I'm also wearing my fav cyber(ish) sneakers~ It's really chunky and OMg i should be buying more chunky sneakers because it looks so cool, you gonna be able looking like characters from kingdom hearts!

What I Wore :
Tee : Secondhand
Jeans Jacket : Thrifted
Denim Shorts : Thrifted 
Tigths : Taobao
Sneakers : Taobao

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  1. your hair is so awesome and so is your whole outfit <3
    it's great to support things you like in fashion too ^ - ^ atleast it's something I appreciate :') it's goof to be a fan of something(s)

    toxic people are the worst!!

    happy to hear that your college life is awesome <3<3<3<3