Friday, April 28, 2017

cure for the itch

hiiiiya your local girl that wears band tee way too much is back!^q^
this holiday is so fun bc i spent my a lot of my time for me, myself, and i!
(((having less friends is a nice thing, guys)))

I'm wearing a 'very me' outfit today!
since a lot of people says
"omg???i never expect you to listen to noisy rock!!haha"
"wait, your appearance doesnt suit your music taste!"
"i thought you dont like noisy rock song!! because you're all pinky and thingys"

ok not really angry but just asking 'WHYYYY'

does wearing cute outfit and wearing a lot of pink and having pastel hair meaning i dont listen to noisy rock songs?meh.
stop those accusations. it's not healthy.

it's not like i wear 24/7 pink tho, mostly i wear band tee+shorts+tights
 (i still have my knee insecurity after 2 years!! yea fuck those highschool bois)

so pls;_; stop assuming things;_;
 i never assume things about you so dont assume things about me ok;_;

(ok but if u notice i write a lot of 'noisy rock' because i feel funny when writing a music genre because idk??i just feel funy i feel like im being a music snob if describing the exact genre i listen to so i just gonna give u 2 words : noisy rock)

I'm wearing linkin park's hybrid theory tee that i bought this month!:D
been keeping an eye on this tee since last year!!! luckily it's not sold out yet:')

I'm very picky when it comes to secondhand band tee shopping...
1.the size must be large
2.NO women t-shirt because it's a ripoff and dumb shaped why women's t-shirt looks weird like who would wear a tight fitting tee(oh it's just me) (ok)
3.the material~gotta~be~that~thick~cotton~fabric~or~im~gonna~be~angrey

yea im a sucker for comfortable materials!!!!:-)

But this tee is so cute!:') the size is L! yay! 
(last time i bought XL men tee i can wear it as a dress! noice:o) )
and the prints is so cute!


oh, i dont get people who buys fake 'vintage' band tee at fast fashion...
why... you want to spend 50$ on cheap material band tee.. with ... fake cracks... and ugly prints....when you can get the authentic vintage secondhand shops/thrift shops...for...5$......

fast fashion, stop ruining the beauty of vintage tees.

Outfit Details :

long time no wearing this studded sneakers!!! i didnt bring this to jakarta lmao it's really cute:")
i miss u!!

the prints on the back is so nice too!:') and i got this tee only for 7$:')

What I Wear :

Jacket : Triset
Tee : Secondhand
Skirt : Thrifted
Tights : Taobao
Beret : Taobao
Shoes : Bugis Street


  1. yay it's you :D <3 looking amazing as always!!! ^ - ^

    agree with you !! less friends is the best :DD
    and fashion doesn't have to mean anything. You don't have to dress "punk" to be punk.
    It's the most disgusting when people try to assume your "political opinions" from the way you dress up... ew no, stop it. I just want to look cute ;)

    your pink beret is the cutest!! I love your style so much <3

  2. I love your hair! Its freakin beautiful!