Friday, April 28, 2017

cure for the itch

hiiiiya your local girl that wears band tee way too much is back!^q^
this holiday is so fun bc i spent my a lot of my time for me, myself, and i!
(((having less friends is a nice thing, guys)))

Sunday, April 23, 2017

she's only 18

HEEEy!!!! me is back!! welcome to me purple swamp
longgggg time since my last post rite:") 
well, i just finished my 2nd term of collegeyYEYEYyeyeyYEY
gimme award pls

since i dont really enjoy talking about my college life
 (NOO!!it's great the poeple are so nice and super cool and supportive i luv me COLLEGE frends)
 but im becoming really tired everytime thinking about college 
because thEY ONLy give me 2 weeks of holiday smh

but it all ok! me is able to enjoi me life!^_^