Monday, December 26, 2016

fortune faded

It's been a long 4 months since the last time I wrote a serious blogpost:")

My first term in fashion design was....very busy.
I don't have time to be lazy, assignments keep pilling up and up...
 (and i failed drawing class already i crie)
(((i hate drawing subject ugh)))

and finally!! i got 2 weeks holiday:-) 
(public uni have like, 2months holiday and here i am regretting not applying for public uni)

But it's all ok:-) i'm gonna survive and stay sane for the next 2 years.

Finally I touched my camera:-) i really miss documenting what outfit i am wearing:-) my outfit game was super strong tho in college:-) (but i think i've been going to college without showering myself like...3-4 times this term lmao)

I went to a cafe to pamper myself (after months of not eating luxury foods~ i survived by eating tuna toast E V E R Y DA Y and ayam penyet pinggir jalan everyday lmao)

Oh, and, I dyed my hair to pastel pinkie!!!!:>
I planned to dye it neon pink because I thought my hair can't be pastel bc I only bleach it to pale yellow lmao:))
my dream hair since middle school:") i finally got it!
But i'm planning to dye it neon pink bc I love bright color bc that's so me

someday...i'm gonna be a walking highlighter!!

My outfit was a simple and cozy (not so) outfit for a cafe day and rainy season:>
I wore this brown ultra thick cardigan because...RAINy season!!!!

Also, I jumped to the  buttoned a line skirt!!:D
I really love how skinny i am when wearing a line skirt, might be making a lot of a line skirt (I can sew tee hee)

I also bought my first beret!!!! It's from polyester tho.
Someday I'm gonna find a comfy beret:>


What I Wear :

Cardigan, Top : thrifted
Skirt : Taobao
Sneakers : Bugis Street
Beret : Taobao


  1. Why so cuteeee~
    Let's meet up one day T.T Mau thrift shopping T.T

  2. good luck with your studies!! :D
    that outfit is so crazy cute and pretty!!! >w< can't get over it <3
    and your super cute hair + lovely beret look perfect together <3 big fan!!

  3. Love your hair color!

  4. Beretnya! ❤
    Love your hair, anyway! so cutee