Sunday, September 11, 2016

Life in Pictures : August!

HI! I've been really busy since college just started
(and I already got 5 homeworks, FUCKING NICE<3)
What I learnt from my first 2 day of being design student is : it's fucking hard and you need to be fucking serious...ok..
(sorry for a lot of swearing BUT !!!!i can't help it)

Now, I'm living by my own in a smol rented-room (Or, kost) in Jakarta...
Y'know..I used to really waste food or waste my money on un-important things...but now, demn, i really regret i've ever did those things bc : 1. food is not cheap (esp. when u r a picky eater like me) is. not. cheap.
3. if you're still able to eat a lot of things in your house, don't waste it ok. 

so yea! here we go! my life in pics in August!

August 1 : Sending my Snail Mail!

so I got a penpal from US, I sent her a snail mail^^ I learnt shipping fee is a huge fuck-you to expensive...I can't ;_;

in the evening, my friend suddenly messaged me she got free pass for staying at hotel, so we did have our girl nite that night!^^ so fun!

August 2 : Another lazy day!

the view of my city. whee.
in the remaining day of our hotel stay, we didn't really do anything except talking about things and people we hate..:))

and also, for the first time, I tasted a (proper) infused water life has changed. I want to learn how to make a proper infused water.

August 4 : Helping my friend's secret project!

my friend asked me to be a camera girl for her secret project, and well, I don't really have anything good to do in house, so yea!

And, lately, I've been really interested in video making...idk
 (*regrets college major decision*, nah, jk)
and I learnt 1 and 2 things about video shooting, noice.

after we done shooting, we found a mini cherry tree, so I climbed it! I was a monkey back in grade school!^^

August 5 : Scenery I'm gonna miss!

I'm really gonna miss the downhill road with seaview, it's so pretty:^)

also, I've been helping my mom's rooftop garden, she's a plant freak but having no time to water her own plants, so she asked me to water it every evening, well, I love plants. and It really calms me to water the plants...

And, It's really fun watching the plants grow!

the sky was so pretty that day.. blue and peach color..
August 6 : Donuts!

I don't really like sweetie sweet donuts but the pink one was really delicious:^) even though it was too sweet for my taste

August 7 : Floral Cafe!

I got really interested in this floral cafe since it's so tempting to come in everytime I pass it, so me and my sister went here and...OMG...the place was so pretty!!! flowers everywhere!! When i'm back in my city i'm gonna do a flower themed photoshoot there, for sure.

I didn't do photoshoot when I came there bc my camera was being used with my mom, so I just dress casually lol:))

After eating there, me and my sis went to a mall to buy decor stuff for my own room!

I'm gonna decor my room like this!!!!

I also bought cute temporary tattoos, It's sooo cute!!!

August 8 : Quick (Disappointing) Trip to Jakarta

I woke up at 5 and just do quick shower and slapped eyeliner on and we went to the airport:")) lucky me my eyeliner was tidy 

So, I thought my college orientation day was at 8 august, turns out it's only a day for taking photo for id card
I've spent shit ton of money for flights
and spent only 5 mins there, for only taking photo...

But I went to the malls there tho, and buy some cute things:))

I bought this sakura koi watercolor, I've been really interested in watercolors...But too lazy to buy it with my own money:)) so .. yea..

August 11 : Buying threads and yarns!

I bought a lot of embroidery floss and yarns, for souvenirs for my close friends...teehee

I spotted this really cute organization of artsy?it's so pretty!

Also, happened on that day :

my cat fell into a sewer, so he was soooo dirty!!!!ugh:-)
so I bathed him and, you know, cats.
I got scratched thousand times...:---)

guess what am I making?^^

August 12 : Arcade!

we played in arcade and, well, ok. nothing more to say.

August 13 : Farewell:(

my cats were making my mom furious, because they peed and poo-ed everywhere in house, so my mom decided they need to be thrown out from house.. i cried.
i can't stop crying.
i cried for 3 days straight;_;
especially with the mommy cat because we've been together for almost 7 years..

i hope they're doing fine nowadays..

August 15 : buying thingies and meeting my kitten!

i bought a mini snowglobe for myself^^ i've always loved snowglobe, it's so cute and sooo adorable..

i will never understand kiddos..idk.

i also bought a lot of stickers~ because i can't ignore cute stickers in my sight! no matter how ugly my economy condition at the moment^^ lol

i met my kitten today!!!!omg!! he's still in the spot i left him;_; so sad...he must be waiting for me..
and i asked my sister to stay there, so i go back to my house and taking a shit ton of cat's food and give it to him...;_; also, a towel and cardboard...uuughh

i also bought heart shaped dolphins decoration, i think it's so cute, know, so me?
but my friends say it's weird lol

August 19 : casually playing hotel dusk~

if you guys own nintendo ds or 3ds, you guys REALLY really should play Hotel Dusk : Room 215, (it also has sequel, Last Window : Hotel Cape West)
the artwork rotoscoping, i love it! 
and the storyline is work of a genius...<3 
10/10 would recommend it.

August 20 : Spending day with cat

well. that's what i did in one day. sleeping with my cat on my arm till my arm fell asleep...

August 21 : Daisy!

i learnt wearing pencil liner is soooo easy...ESPECIALLY YOU WANT A SUPER SHARP EYELINER LOOK1! pencil liner ftw!!!
just draw a random eyeliner and then clean it with cotton bud, and thennnn just pull the wings...and you done!
ultimate eyeliner look when i'm too lazy to get stressed over liquid liner..

yes. my room always looks like this everytime i want to do a photoshoot.

August 22 : PUDDING!!

my friend and i decided to cook pudding that day, so, we went to market, and passed the thrift shop..and... we visited it first lol #prioritiesgamestrong

we made a greentea and choco pudding..the greentea ...delicious omg<3

in the night, my right eye swollen with no

August 24 : yay day!

i feel like a tru street kid wearing this outfit..

just me being a huge weight to my friend!
i love this pic. idk why.

August 26 : ...IM ANGRY

at that moment. i declare that i hate kids. every kids. i don't want to have any kids. kids, go away.
your cuteness wont buy me cute washi tapes. 

i'm done making my moving gifts for my friendos!^^ yay

my friends picked me up and decided to go out to buy satay!
the smoke was making the view beautiful so i decided to take pic of them randomly lol

August 27 : feelin' melancholy

today was my farewell with my middle school friends...

i kinda lost my usual eyebrow pencil, so i decided to wear black eyebrow...after long time...
also, i wore black pencil liner:") i love pencil liner:")

on my back home, i passed the flyover...the somber sky and the lights..making me feeling melancholy..

in the night, i continued to make my friendship bracelet... it was so ugly;_;

August 28 : Packing packing!

how to pack like a pro, by rafa yasmin

if i can pack all of my clothes, you guys can do anything in your life.
nothing impossible.

August 29 : moving day!

i've always loved color coordination!^^

i'm done with all these packing thingies! time to move! bye!

on our way to jakarta!
August 30 : buying thingies and tidying up my new room!

i bought almost all of thingies in my room in tanah abang<3
(tanah abang ftw!!!)

this is how my room looks like... a smol room. but i like it!<3

in the night, we went to a hardware store and i visited the toilet... the toilet was ultimate aesthetic goal

August 31 : College orientation day!

my college orientation day... was eh. i don't expect anything to happen tho..
the good thing is, 80% of the students are girls.. i'm calmed down a little bit..

in the evening, my parents left me:"( they went back to Lampung, and here i am, going to convenience store to buy groceries but ended up buying stickers..

Well, I think I'm gonna be on hiatus in this blog til I have camera again:<

I don't have camera now;_; and Let's hope I can buy Canon EOS 70D next year lol (I WIIISSSSHHHH...)
I still have 'fashion inspirations' 2... ok! so see ya!


  1. lovely photos.. so sure you had so much fun

  2. the toilet tho! 👌🏽
    welcome to the college life, dear! hope you'll have a great year!

  3. I love the way you do your eyeliner! :D

    Lots of love, Eiren.

  4. aww yeah hate homework D: sorry to hear they gave you soo much homework ;__;

    haha talking about things you hate is the best :'D so much fun!
    sorry to hear about your cats :'<

    love all the stickers you bought <3 so cute! and that dolphin thingie!!! :D

    good luck with college, Rafa!!!