Saturday, August 6, 2016

tutti frutti

long time no see!! i've been real busy with real life!
which means i actually doing something (or, just hanging out pointlessly at malls and cafes)
and I've been having issues with myself yea!
I'm trying to be cheerful because i've been super anxious this 2 weeks because college orientation gonna start on monday and 2 weeks again, I'm moving to jakarta!


so i've been thinking about what outfit should i wear with this pink jacket...I'm in love with this jeans jacket!!! I MEAN
it's coote.

I'm trying to be colorful as I can! but too bad i don't have bright colored skirt/shorts
 (except the red gingham or yellow tennis skirt..)
and I found this tee i just bought last month, and the color is cyan! which is really bright color, so I'm just gunna wear it^^

i quite like the pictures here since the weather was nice, but it was so windy;_;

i decided to put all of my badges and patches in the backside of the jacket^^
it turned out to be sooo cute! i'm in love<3
I'm gonna collect more patches and badges!

 btw, lately, I'm not having a good relationship with myself, well, I do have a good relationship with my body image nowadays since I don't focus on 'how to be thin' or 'how to eat less' anymore, but I'm kinda having a weird feeling when I posting my photos online, does my face scare you guys when it appeared on your screen? and that's probably why I don't really upload pics to instagram, I'm feeling my face might scare/annoy someone.. when It's not. I love seeing people's pics. especially cute girls. y'know, i'm just having a weird time. ahahaha. I might come back uploading pics everyday, maybe..

ok, enough deep and boring talks. let's talk about other things instead

i'm wearing beads in my hair! lately i really hate my hair because the shape is weird as hell, i might shave my hair off because i hate !!! but no. I think i'm gonna grow my hair long!^^ (not so long, maybe shoulder length like i used to have is ok)

and i haaaaate my haircolor now!! it's dull green color. ugh.
I'm gonna bleach my hair out so i can dye it pink or red!!!!!!1!111
coming soon!!^^

Oh, and I'm moving to jakarta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay!
(no1!!1!!!im scared actually)
I'm moving there in 15 august! moving some long time before college starts because I need to adapt myself! probably I'm just gonna wander around to find record stores or thrift stores, or craft stores!
and if you live there, we should meet up^^ I'm really hyped about meeting my bloggy friends! xx

What I Wear :

Jeans Jacket : Triset
Tee : Thrifted 
Skirt : Thrifted
Shoes : Crocodile Kids


  1. Cute outfit :3

  2. I am absolutely in love with your style! It's so bold and refreshing and so you! So cute! And good luck with your move to Jakarta, it's going to be exciting <3

    xx   B A S H   |   go   say     H E Y   B A S H

  3. omg good luck with moving!!! so exciting :D can't wait to hear about your new home <3 I hope it's super awesome!!

    That jacket is so you <3 I love the way you styled it! All those patches and badges make it so perfect and special :D I adore it!
    Loving the pink colour too ^ w ^

    aww I'm so happy everytime I see your face online :) I think you are so pretty! ^-^ <3

  4. I really really love your skirt!! xoxo