Sunday, August 21, 2016

heavenly nobodies

Hi! Back again with my outfit posts<3
I'm in the mood for bright colored things, because what doesn't scream more "summer!!' than bright colored outfits? Eventhough summer is ended in my country, we got weird weather, windy days, and rain!!!! ugh. I don't give a damn about weather...but just kinda ruin my mood.

But luckily today the weather was A-OK!<3
Sun is still there and not too bright, yet not really cloudy, perfect!

The weather was still windy tho, UUUUGGHH i hate wind!?!?!

SOOO! I bought these daisy chains lace (idk what to say it) and made a new choker, a choker which I really wanted since last year...because I love daisies! 
And I got a really nice outfit idea, wearing my yellow oversized cardigan!<3

I also wear a burger tee with gingham because...idk...the two of it suit each other??

What I don't really like about the tee is, the tee.. is not straight...
how do I say it, uuughh, there's like a curve on each side of the tee (do u guys get what i am saying)
The sizing actually L, but IT LOOKS LIKE I'M WEARING S-M SIZE CLOTHES uUuugHh
but still cute tho!


Btw, I've been watering these plants! It's my mom's thou but she asked me to water it sometimes, and I kinda grew my love for them
Ever since I lost two of my cats, I got less task, so this can fill emptiness in my heart...:^)
Btw, in the last post, you can still see the sunflower! but not died:))

my makeup today was my ultimate 'lazy but still wanna look good' makeup!
my usual makeup takes 10-30mins...(especially on eyeliner uUUgh)
but pencil liner!it's so magical! just draw the eyeliner shape and erase easily:^) i love pencil liner!
the lower eyeliner was a random idea I discovered last 2 weeks! It looks so cute<3

I'm wearing Brown Pencil Liner by Silky Girl
For the lower eyeliner, I used Funky Eyelights Pencil color Frosty Silver

lil papaya enjoying her life

Outfit Details :

The Tee is found in the 'kinda more expensive' thrift store! but I regret nothing since it's so cute<3
the burger doodle is sooo cute!

I also added some badges on my cardigan!

my handmade daisy lace choker<3

I wore my new pale green platform sneakers<3 Been wanting a non-basic color (example : black or white) platform sneakers<3 Lucky me I got it on 50% discount! yay!

What I Wear :

Tee : Thrifted
Cardigan : Thrifted
Skirt : Thrifted
Sneakers : Unknown Brand


  1. I love this outfit so much, pastels suit you so much <3 awesome shoes too!

  2. aww! love everything about this outfit ; w ; you are so cute!! awwwww <3

    I love daisies too so yeah that daisy choker is soooo perfect! :D
    I think your makeup is oh so on point <3 loving the eyeliners

    the colour of your shoes is so lovely ^ - ^ I love how neon they look!
    That print made me smile ^ w ^ hehe! it's so cute and I love the speech bubble, too funny <3

    watering plants and flowers is fun! they are so pretty. sorry to hear about your cats, lil papaya :<


  3. This is such an adorable outfit!
    So glad I stumbled upon your blog :)

  4. You look so pretty in colorful outfit! ;)
    I love your blog so much. <3

  5. hi there!

    cute combination, and love the top!

    visit my blog ? :)

    Stephanie G

  6. Great pictures!

  7. Totally love it!
    love everything, from color to the patchesss.
    your style on point!

    Putri |

  8. Aaaahk lucu banget aaahk! cardigan-nya suka! tee-nya ucul! skirtnya juga colorful bangeeet <3

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd