Monday, July 11, 2016


Hi! just got back from my getaway trip to my village and to Bengkulu!
It waaaas so fun, I miss Bengkulu already:( the beaches there are so pretty... omg
What I hate about it was the long car ride tho lol, I can't stand long car ride...:(

I only stayed for 2 days there, and we spent each days by going to beaches!
2 years ago, I didn't get why people come to beaches...
when beaches is...the same all around the world?
I was wrong. beaches make me feel so refreshed...

pic that i took when we took a lunch at the seaside! it was so beautiful!

I wore a simple yet bright colored outfit^^
I'm always having a cheerful mood when going to beaches!

I don't really have the gut of wearing skinny jeans in outfit post because I see skinny jeans as....basic?
Idk. maybe I'll post with one...someday..but not now.
I really like this dungaree. I feel so lucky that I got it from the thrift shop...It's pink!
I also wore a striped tee, red stripes. Red stripes always looks cheerful to me...
It's a festive thingy, yknow?

as you can see, these pic is...darker...than before... because we went to the beach at 5pm..
the sun already setting down;_; ugh... I hate taking pic with low lighting...
I want super duper bright lighting! and, we hurried taking pics lol:)) that's why I only post few pics;_;

Oh, and btw! I wore double stripes~ I also wore stripes on my feet!

I also just bought the shoes recently, (I haven't made my june haul vlog btw;_; i need to make it!)
FINALLY! I have holographic shoes! I really wanted one since 2014;_; I hope I can find store that sells hologram fabric for cheap lmao:))

Also, some pics from the beach!

I really love the sky color! It's kinda...peachy?

...and a panoramic pic from my phone!^^

I still have one outfit post remaining lmao:)) 
I should take outfit pic tomorrow^^ so my blog is not....empty...;_;

What I Wear :

Tee : Thrifted
Overall : Thrifted
Sneakers : Unknown Brand 


  1. aww this post is so cute!
    glad that you had a great time at .. what Bengkulul! I have never been there or heard of it but the pictures look amazing.
    Also that pink dungarees sure is a one of a kind, you are very lucky to find them at a thrift shop- cute outfit!

  2. wow those sky pictures are so beautiful! o w o <3 I love clouds and the setting sun
    so happy to hear that you had awesome time!! Yay!! ^ 0 ^ I haven't been to a beach in ages :0 at least in summer time.

    that outfit is sooooo perfect >w< loving the candy colour combo and double trouble stripes <3 so awesome!!
    your pink overalls are everything * 0 * <3 too perfect to be true!

    and those sneakers look so magical :D wow!! glad you got them <3

  3. the pink overall doee!! <33
    looks like you had tons of fun at the beach :D

    cheer, michelle ~