Saturday, July 23, 2016

life in pictures : june

hi hi!! so i'm gonna start a series about what's going on in my life^^ i took a shit ton of pics and planning to print them for my journal but i guess i'm gonna make a blog post about what happened in my life in june! the post gonna be pic heavy so brace yourself!

june 1 : jakarta 1 day trip

i woke up at 6am, preparing what clothes i should wear, stripes ofcourse! i brought 2 stripy tee, 1 thin stripes and 1 thick stripes but ended up wearing the thick one because the material is so comfy!

i wore my eyeliner in airport restroom lmao i cri so messy;_;

lampung to jakarta flight is only half an hour but i NEED TO WRITE MY JOURNAL!! 
fun fact : the washi tape fell down 10000 times
fun fact 2 : i lost my favorite red lipstick there;_;

the clear ocean view from window's plane! whee i hate flights

pics i took when i took an entrance (?) exam in the college i'm entering into

ok, the fav part is when i got to draw something! YAY
i love drawing!
they have 2 part of the drawing test : 1.drawing a person
2. random doodling

and then they asked me if i was drawing pippi longstocking! I LOVE PIPPI! but i didn't draw her thou, i just love thick hair girl since i don't have thick hair;_;
 and the socks...i don't really like tidiness

oh, and, I'm applying for fashion design student in Lasalle College Jakarta^^

after the test, i ate a fucking delicious kwetiau in the school's canteen IT WAS THE MOST DELICIOUS KWETIAU I'VE EVER EATEN OMG

after that, my father actually wanted to go to the mall, but it was raining so we just hurried to the airport, and he left me, and continued his journey to bandung (journey eh)

in the half an hour flight trip, i contemplating about things in life, and left me pretty depressed, like, pilot, flight attendants, or people working in airway actually accepting the fate they have 50/50 chance of died in plane crash..ugh. kudos to them

june 2 : i tried to drive!

my friend took this as a commemorative of me being able to take parking ticket
(after trying 3 times ok)

june 3 : randomly going to the seashores!

so my friend randomly appeared in my house and we don't have any money to hang out in fancy place so i just said 'let's go to the seashore!!!!1'
and yea
i actually miss this place, last time i went to here was 2 years ago!
(people who read my blog since 2014 would know this!!! this post, remember?!!) 

messy panorama i took in there!

and then i got a 'music festival' piggy back ride
kudos to my friend because i'm a fatty and i'm so fucking heavy

june 7 : ...cats.

i got badly scratched by my cat!!
we were all lovey dovey and suddenly he scratched me...ok this love is painful but i can't stop.
i love him:(
the scratch on my face tho...;_;

june 8 : amusement arcade!

we went to amusement arcade and played our heart out as a late-year-teenager^^
playing bumper cars was so fun omg:^) if only i knew this sooner!!!!11!!!

the scenery from the mini ferris wheel was so pretty!

june 14 : photobooth and playing fireworks!

photobooth is mandatory whenever i'm hanging out! i looove purikura so much!

in the night we played fireworks infront of governor's house HAHha omg

june 17 : dinner with middle school friends!

ok seeing this hair makes me really miss my light brown hair:(

we had a dinner and the food actually good eventhough it's only fried rice
in 3+ stars hotel, eating fried rice, nice.

june 19 : sick love blog post behind the scene!

selfiez from the sick love blog post photoshoot~ yay
ofc with dog filter bc i love dog filter! kudos to the dog filter designer!

if you guys curious about how my room looks like when i'm searching for clothes
june 20 : dad's birthday big family dinner!

sorry for the noisy-pics! wanting to show you i actually look kinda good in short bangs, been thinking to cut my bangs into micro bangs, but, no.
also, it's a rarity for me wearing a grey tee! 

june 24 : long car ride!

we randomly went to the supermarket and didn't buy anything!

it's been a long time since the last time i eaten crab..

after that, we went to far far faraway from city, we went to a highway and my friends let me drive there (because no car and the road is straight af)

 and there's mini forest on the roadside so we decided to visit it, i was freaking out like crazy because i'm so scared with strangers

we found a super cool photoshoot spot BUT TOO BAD THE SECURITY WAS SO NOSY!!11 we didn't want to bomb the place we just taking pics;_;

june 25 : trying red eyebrow

i tried how red eyebrow gonna looks on me :))) i've tried it many times thou but not really sure
my next hair color gonna be red so i'm kinda preparing myself for the red eyebrow ;D
also, i draw 2 styles of eyeliner... i like the simpler one..
fun fact : i draw it with a lip gloss (which explains why it's kinda shiny)

june 28 : :(


i was chatting with my friend and scratched my eyes unconsciously...when i saw my hands full with black checked my mirror and:^)

june 29 : dying my hair blue! but turned out green!

me in the process of dying my hair. yea. messy job

it turned out pretty blue! but when i washed it out it became green. ok.

and that's it! my life in pictures in june! see ya on july edition!^^ x
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  1. I'm obsessing over your hair all through the post haha!


  2. goodluck for your college life, and your drawing is sick #handsdown!

  3. Rafa!! Love that drawing <3 <3
    Meet me when you go to Jakarta next time :3 Semoga keterima ya kuliahnya!
    Love that picture with choker too...I love your orange (or brown) hair tho....xD

    Big Dreamer

  4. Girl just got badly scratched by my dog as well yesterday lol btw that selfie when you bite ur finger somehow you remind me of a blogger called Gabriela Olivia. Nice post dear

    Love, Diras.
    Fashion & beauty blogger

  5. Looks like you had a great month :) I'm sorry that you lost your favorite lipstick though TheNormcoreRebel

  6. awww I loved reading this post ^ - ^ such a lovely diary post!!! yay <3

    that drawing is soooo frickin cute >w< aww! I'd love to read a comic made by you :D it'd be awesome!!
    I love Pippi too! She was my heroine when I was a little kid :D
    I'm sending you good vibes and good luck!!! I hope you get to that college <3

    haha :'DD yeah!!! parking tickets are pain!! I can't pick them so I just always opened the door to be able to reach it ^-^; classy!

    You look cute with bangs * w * shorter and longer <3 The red eyebrows looked so cool on you too :D
    That blue/green hair colour is so magical! I like it!!
    Blue turns green sooo often but when you get your hair 100% blue it pretty much never leaves o_0;
    Can't wait to see more pics of your hair journey :D <3

  7. Nice blog!