Saturday, July 16, 2016

dazed and confused

 I'm gonna continue my diary in Bengkulu^^
so at the day 2, or the last day, we went to Sungai Suci (Holy River)
(((wtf it's not even a river it's a beach...???)))

The place is so cool omg<3 probably gonna list this as my fav place in Bengkulu!
There's a bridge connecting the mini-rocks island...I should've took my outfit pics there..But there were my cousins and there's so many people passing...I don't want to disturb them...;_;
The place is a rock island made by sea abrasion! Kinda reminds me of tanah lot in Bali

But the weather was so annoying that day, 10 mins the weather would be sunny af, and then 10 mins later it would be cloudy;_; So pardon me if the pic quality is...;_;

I wore a simple outfit because I know the weather would be sunny as hell, I'm just gonna keep comfortable by wearing a loose white tee, and my comfy as hell sneakers too 
(I only bring 1 pairs of shoes, actually haha:)) )

btw have you guys noticed it that I changed by hair color lol^^
I grew tired of that light brown hair since my roots already growing, so I just gonna hide my roots by dying it into a darker color (a nice life hacks huh)
I actually expected a navy blue...BUT...IT TURNED OUT GREEn!! lol
But it's all ok since I love green too

I bought this tee at a thrift shop, I've been keeping my eye on this tee since december 2015 lol:)) finally I can bought it>,< I'm not a Bulls fans tho, I'm more into Minnesota timberwolves!^^
What I like about the tee is, the print is kinda faded away, so It looks much vintager! my dad says my tee looks weird since it doesn't look 'new' but hey! I love it!<3

Btw, I'm kinda planning about telling my highschool story! Not now, but soon!^^
Hope I still got the proofs^^ (screenshots, my diary entries, my pics lol)
I'm happy that I graduated from there, 
but It's still a burden to my heart, I need to tell someone about it;_;

the only pic that i like;_;

and that's it! that's my Bengkulu trip! It's a really short trip (2 days!) with a long car trip:^)))) so sad
Really enjoy the beaches there! I love that city more than my city>:(


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    Wanna follow each other??
    Let me know if you want because i want it too :) Leave a comment on my blog and I'll follow you directly, don't forget to follow mine
    xoxo, Sylvi Gautama

  2. Cool tshirt! I love your hair btw!


  3. your hair!<3<3


  4. oohh those bridges :D the look soo cool and pretty!!
    It's always so much fun when in animations (especially in pokémon) there's one of these bridges and it always breaks... It's so stupid that it's epic, you know!! :'D you just start screaming "nooo" every time you see a bridge in an animation *A*;

    oooh I really like that hair colour!! <3 it looks black but when the light hits it, it reveals it's magical green side :D that's so lovely!

    and the print in your shirt is superb! ^ o ^ I don't know anything about sports but I llllove the art work! it's so cartoony and fun :D I love the vintage look too!
    I'm so happy that you got the t-shirt :D yay!