Sunday, June 19, 2016

the getaway

HEEEELLLOOOO!!^^ long time no see eeee?!
well, I just got super busy (hanging out pointlessly and going to sewing class^^) 
and become hesitant to ask my sis to take my pics, so
I keep procrastinate until one month lmao
so, as I said before, I got super busy, I'm currently taking sewing class! 
I'm in the process of making a pleated skirt, of course, pleated skirt = tartan!
can't wait to wear clothes that is sewn by myself^^

I just bought the stripy tee, I've been looking for no-white stripes tee...and finally found one!
so I just kinda randomly wear things don't regret this. this outfit is actually cute??
I love seeing people wearing coat/jacket with extra long sleeve under it...looks so cute<3 probably gonna search for a tight stripy tee and try an outfit with it!
like this!

By the way, 
the title of my blogpost is from my fav track in RHCP's new album which is titled the getaway!
I really love the album! I think I like about 10/13 songs~ the remaining probably needs few more listens before I can love it lol:))
and the getaway song is reallllyyyy nice! especially the basslines and Josh's backing vocal..I can't.
I hope the album will arrive in records store in Indonesia soon>,< 

I got the jeans jacket at the thrift shop, and what I really love about it...It's so light, kinda worn out~ and have tiny rips which makes it 100 times cooler omg8-)

What I Wear :

Jeans Jacket : Thrifted
Tee : Uniqlo (Thrifted)
Skirt : LOGO
Shoes : @sepatulukispunkpinkpop (IG)



  1. Sewing class sounds so much fun. Can't wait to see that skirt :D <3
    I really like that styling too! The long sleeves look especially cute that way ^.^
    and those shoes ; w ; <3 they are sooooo amazing toooo!!!!!

  2. cute girl
    Happy Monday