Thursday, June 23, 2016

sick love

hello everyone^^! i'm trying to post and be more colorful~~
and... also, trying to be more positive in life!
(it's hard. i admit it)
I'm actually in the middle of mood rollercoaster... I tend to get sad or angry really easy ughhh!!!11111 i can't control my own emotion!! it's!!so!!hard!!
so I'm confused what color to dye on my hair next...
Number 1 would be blue...but I want a dark blue. I noticed that I don't really like brown hair like this. there's time that I'm going all 'OMGGGGgg i fucking love my brown hair'
but there's days like 'ergh. hair. why.'
but I actually want to dye my hair red....UUUUGGGGGHHH IT'S SO HARD.

I'm having the time of my life! by going to sewing class~ sewing clothes (eventhou the dress from the first project haven't even finished because i got super confused at sewing the sleeves) and hanging out with my friends and buying fabrics...It's all so fun. (with occasional sadness, ofc)

I'm trying a more colorful outfit because colorful outfits make me happier! there's time that I want to be all simple like in my post, or be a punk rock baby, or just wearing hobo outfit lol:))

But this outfit is like my fav!!! 
1. the stripes is not black/navy and white stripes, it's orange!
2. the skirt!!gingham!! GINGHAM OMG
3. stripes + gingham is like the best thing
4. red and orange is a good color combi

I actually done this outfit, 2 years ago, check it here!
the only thing that different is the patterns lol:))

the embroidery detailing of the sukajan

I also wear gingham on my hair<3

too orangey;_;
Btw, the title, sick love is my favorite song from Red Hot Chili Peppers' new album, The Getaway!
they collaborated with Elton John! What I love about this song is... the guitar omg especially on the outro.. too perfect.

What I Wear :

Sukajan : Thrifted 
Tee : Thrifted 
Skirt : Thrifted 
Sneakers : Unknown Brand


  1. Best post in the history of the world !

  2. love your jacket!


  3. This outfit is so frickin cute from head to toe >w< love it!!!
    The cutely coloured striped shirt must be my fave part :D knowing how much you love stripes :DD <3 it's so perfect!

    I love the colour scheme. It reminds me of sorbets!

    those embroided characters really make me smile big :D I love how angry and cute they look!! awww *3* it's such a cool sukajan! I want one too *0* <3

    aww! You look so cute with the pigtails! and usamimi (right?) <3 >w<
    I think it might be easiest to go red next. Red is such a pretty colour! :) I think this colour looks so lovely on you too but I know how you feel ;( moods, they keep changing!!

    good luck with your sewing class :D

  4. This is the most perfect pastel look ever OMG <3

  5. So cute! <3

  6. Aaaa i love this look so mucho! <33

    cheer, michelle ~