Thursday, June 23, 2016

sick love

hello everyone^^! i'm trying to post and be more colorful~~
and... also, trying to be more positive in life!
(it's hard. i admit it)
I'm actually in the middle of mood rollercoaster... I tend to get sad or angry really easy ughhh!!!11111 i can't control my own emotion!! it's!!so!!hard!!
so I'm confused what color to dye on my hair next...
Number 1 would be blue...but I want a dark blue. I noticed that I don't really like brown hair like this. there's time that I'm going all 'OMGGGGgg i fucking love my brown hair'
but there's days like 'ergh. hair. why.'
but I actually want to dye my hair red....UUUUGGGGGHHH IT'S SO HARD.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

the getaway

HEEEELLLOOOO!!^^ long time no see eeee?!
well, I just got super busy (hanging out pointlessly and going to sewing class^^) 
and become hesitant to ask my sis to take my pics, so
I keep procrastinate until one month lmao
so, as I said before, I got super busy, I'm currently taking sewing class! 
I'm in the process of making a pleated skirt, of course, pleated skirt = tartan!
can't wait to wear clothes that is sewn by myself^^