Thursday, May 12, 2016

one hot minute

I've been spending my holiday by waking up at 9am and go to my driving course!
I've finished my driving course and I hope I can get the bravery to drive car in the street...soon.
I'm so scared about getting honked and traffic jams...and HWAT IF MY CAR TURNED OFF SUDDENLY AND AAAAAAAAA no. no. no. I need to be more confident about this...:^)

Well yea, public uni. announcement is already being announced and YEA! i didn't qualified since I picked the no.1 public uni^^ lol no im not sad i'm happy!! if i got into public uni then it means...meeting public school kids...NO.


today I tried a classic 'poser grunge teenager who state they like nirvana but only listened to smells like teen spirit' outfit...eeeeek yea.
 I hate those poser fans who says they are fans of a band/singer but only listened 1 song or their popular songs only, meh. 

i'm not a grunge person tho, more like alt-rock person^^ and shoegaze person!
(pleeeeasEEEE!!! if you like bands we should talk!!)

but hey! my signature outfit is stripy tee or a flannel shirt with stocking! I wear my #1 most loved flannel shirt^^ it's already dirty and some of the buttons are broken because I got in a bike accident while wearing this lol:)) but it's all ok! the dirtier, the merrier.

I'm also in craze with lace choker, I love thicc choker, it looks cooler...but cord choker is good too!

meet my cat, fuzzy! (my lil bro calls him squishy, and i sometimes call him ameng)
a gray mackerel tabby cat who is 2 years old but sooooo short!!!!
he really likes to bite me, scratch me, I lost count on how many scars I got in my hand because playing with him^q^ and also, he really likes to bite someone's calves. eeeergh

judging your music taste

back when my hair was black...kinda miss it tho;_;

I really like the tee! it's so cool:^) love the woman pic in the shirt...

about the title, it's an album from red hot chili peppers!
idiot fans hate one hot minute...because they think RHCP with No frusciante = sucks
(just like how they hate I'm with You album, and keeps hating on Josh Klinghoffer..)

eeeergh. I quite like the album! especially aeroplane, warped, 
and my favorite...shallow be thy game!

I really like the lyrics:^) it's a masterpiece!
"your hell is something scary
I prefer a loving god"
too bad they don't perform this song anymore;_;
...and dave navarro's guitar solo...dam gud.

and in the backside, there's a quote in there! it says 'keep yourself alive'
I tottaaallllyyy can relate to it. I'm doing my best on keeping myself alive.
living is a fucking hard thing.

the shirt on close up^^

What I Wear :

Choker : Unknown Brand
Tee : Hysteric Glamour (Thrifted)
Flannel Shirt : Thrifted
Shorts : Thrifted
Sneakers : Bugis Street


  1. Cool outfit! I love your choker<3


  2. You and your cat judging -picture :'DD LOVE IT!!! <3 you two are too cool ;)
    Your cat is super cute >w< just like you!

    That choker looks soooo amazing on you <3 I love that it's so thick! It makes your lovely outfit even lovelier <3 And yeah that lady is so pretty :D

    I gotta admit that I still do like Nirvana. My favourite album is Sliver, the one with their demos and stuff :D
    I don't listen to red hot chili peppers but I think they do have the best bass <3 I'm a big fan of funky bass :D

    I really like dirty/broken clothes more :) especially when they are somekind of jackets. When leather jackets hit the mainstream a couple of years ago I felt so embarrassed to wear mine... Good thing it's so old and looks like it too :)

    Best of luck with the driving courses >A< I feel you! It was horrible, I hated it. But even I survived and I'm the worst, haha :')
    Yeah, you just have to play it cool to survive. You can do it!!!!

    1. YES! album with demos my fav kind album:^) damon albarn's democrazy is a nice album:^) especially the dirty harry demo omg
      BASS!! yea kinda embarassed but i got into rhcp because reading article about 'bass players joke' and keeps finding flea from who tf is dis flea guy, and listened to snow (hey oh) for the first time and OK. IM. THEIR. BIGGEST. FAN.

      yeah! broken clothes...kinda have the 'historical' feelings??!?!:^)

  3. First thing first, you look super cool! Kece banget deh pokoknya!
    I remember the first time I hit the road for real. Mesin bisa kadang langsung mati dan aku panik banget. maklum, mobilnya manual. Dan aku selalu jauh lebih gugup kalo nyetir bareng ortu daripada nyetir sendiri :D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

    1. iyah!! gapunya mobil matic bc parents hate matic cars:)) kemarin nyoba nyetir sama temen2, trus mereka pada takut aku nabrak/terlalu kiri jalannya:)) well, practice makes perfect i suppose??

  4. Congrats on passing your driving course! I hope you can find the courage to drive soon :)

    This outfit is perfect :D