Tuesday, May 17, 2016

here comes the ice cream man

hi hi hi hi!!! 
when i'm writing this post, i'm literally burning to death bc my ac was off because there's blackout;( (weekly tradition in lampung, eeeeugh) but i insisted to publish this blogpost tonight!!!! sooo yea

well, this week, i've done nothing but waking up at 11am and trying to drive a car, when there's my friends inside, they would scream all the time. too close to road divider, too slow, too fast, too slow when turning, meh-_- it's dam complicated....and confusing

I'm into gingham (again) lately! I haven't wear gingham thingys since 2014...kinda miss the feeling...all i wear nowadays is only stripes, stripes, and stripes.
and i noticed more people wear stripes, but, i kinda feel 'ugh' when i see it

btw, idk if it's the angle or what but...i look a bit skinnier???i thought all i do in this holiday is binge eating onigiris and sleeping...

It was shooooo windy! and I wear skirts.
nice combination.
at first i want to wear a festive-y dress with this tee, but turns out it looks so crowded. and i haven't wear this gingham skirt since i bought it 2 years ago...all it do was sit in my crowded closet...

I'm wearing ice creams tee that i bought in february, I found it in men's sections...men and kids section ftw! yay! and I fell in love with this tee..in the first sight<3 my friend fell in love with tee also, I've almost let it go to her, but she ended up buying the strawberry one...ah<3

there're pics that way more 'flashy' than this...but i choose not to upload tho lolx))

at first, I wanted to title the blogpost as 'california' because it's my newest favorite song! OMG<3 and I've been wanting to live in california, in SF, specifically. people loves LA more, 
but for me, SF is the best<3 (as if i've went there lol)

then I changed it to 'Sweetness and Light', song from Lush. 
but then, I opened my music library and found song from Blur, Here Comes The Ice Cream Man.
yea. a perfect title.

turns out my rooftop and 2nd floor room is place where my cats hang out...they like to sleep there! and when I did this photoshoot, they just followed me...and AAAA he's so cute and so fat and so fluffy i can't stop telling him that i love him and kissing him<3

and when i tried to put him on my head....ouch. i got scratched in my forehead. thanks.


the details on my tee! my tee contains sooo much ben and jerry's ice cream^^

i also wear smiley rings and my old pinky-blue wood bracelet

for changing moods, I changed my shoelaces to strawberry shoelaces! (excuse my dirty sneakers lol white sneakers really easy to be dirty, :( )

What I Wear :

Tee : Local Store
Skirt : Thrifted
Tights : DIY
Rings : Stroberi Accessories
Shoelaces : Unknown Brand


  1. I want that tee!
    Anyway loveee your hair color!!


  2. soooo cute * 0 * <3 love this look to bits <3 >w< you rule!!!

    good thing you survived the heat attack -and the kitty attack :'D the pictures are so cute >w< aww! too bad cats have claws :S Ilar still has a scar from just holding my family's cat (like 2 years ago). The cat (Ramses) loves to be held but he's so clumsy :'D

    I'm soooo in love with that print!! it's the best <3
    I'm so happy that you bought that shirt ^ w ^ it suits you!!!
    and omg those shoe laces ; A ; <3 super adorable!
    and I love tha skirt tooo >w< and your hair :D love everything!!! <3 best look

  3. Your outfit is soooo cute, I especially love your T-shirt :D


  4. Your outfit super cuuute. Especially I like your shirt!


  5. Ah this outfit is perfect, I love everything you're wearing! <3 that tee is so cute!

  6. This is such a kawaii look! I love it!


  7. love ur top!<3