Saturday, May 7, 2016

bye sigh school

I'm back from my farewell party which was 4 days ago...
I actually really hate the event because my makeup was so terrible!!!
it was done by makeup artist or whatever the fuck is that, BUT I DON'T LIKE IT???????UGH
Never again. I don't want to trust anyone's hand onto my face anymore
anddd what really pissed me off also is...ARRRGHH
I didn't took a decent photo!!!!:( I'm very sensitive when it comes to photo's quality
It was semi outdoor, which means the light was not balanced
aaaaaaa i want to cry to see the photos...:'( it's blurry and over exposured while i look so dark

my makeup looks so weird omg i realized that the one makes me looks really weird is my eyeshadow
but hey! ok let's be happy (for a while)
and!!! I wore my design omg<3
I made the skirt and put the flowers (I took it to the tailor tho for applying the tulle)~~
(I think I'm gonna make a post about the making of the skirt~~)
I'm so happy that many people told my skirt is so cute and I look like a doll (WHILE I AM NOT.)

and yea!^^ the skirt is kinda heavy and really hard to sit on... and at the end of the day, I got an headache because waking up at 3am and didn't eat breakfast and the skirt waistband was too tight.
I spent my way back to my house by sleeping in the car because I felt so nauseous..

look @ me busy with checking out mirror because i just stripped off the foundie 

I attached holographic foils to my hands! and It looks really cute and even thou it's not really visible but well yeeaa~~


  1. Nice :)

  2. I know what you feel :(
    I have experienced a situation like that. There is no more confident in myself. Huft --

  3. yay congrats!!! you made it :D that's awesome!! <3
    and omg omg omg <3 your hair ; w ; you look like am angel!! so pretty <3 love your hair and that lovely outfit to bits <3 so perfect woooow >w< can't get over it!!
    It so cool that you made those yourself *o* talented! looks magical <3
    And your nails are super pretty too! :D
    aww I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't like your makeup :( and when it's done by someone else but you... it makes it even worse :( aw!
    I have such a few good pictures from my graduating parties and such because no one ever had "time" to take cute pics of me :/ so yeah, it's sad.

    I really like that picture were you're touching up your foundation :D it's the cutest! Glad you had these pictures to share with us <3 I'm so happy that I could see your princess outfit (and hair!!!) Thank you!

    It must feel wonderful to be done with high school!
    Can't wait to hear about your next adventures > w <

  4. Ahh:^) thanks for always lighting my heart up with your words:^) it means a lot to me...:^)

  5. nice skirt <3

    love, angel.