Tuesday, May 17, 2016

here comes the ice cream man

hi hi hi hi!!! 
when i'm writing this post, i'm literally burning to death bc my ac was off because there's blackout;( (weekly tradition in lampung, eeeeugh) but i insisted to publish this blogpost tonight!!!! sooo yea

well, this week, i've done nothing but waking up at 11am and trying to drive a car, when there's my friends inside, they would scream all the time. too close to road divider, too slow, too fast, too slow when turning, meh-_- it's dam complicated....and confusing

Thursday, May 12, 2016

one hot minute

I've been spending my holiday by waking up at 9am and go to my driving course!
I've finished my driving course and I hope I can get the bravery to drive car in the street...soon.
I'm so scared about getting honked and traffic jams...and HWAT IF MY CAR TURNED OFF SUDDENLY AND AAAAAAAAA no. no. no. I need to be more confident about this...:^)

Well yea, public uni. announcement is already being announced and YEA! i didn't qualified since I picked the no.1 public uni^^ lol no im not sad i'm happy!! if i got into public uni then it means...meeting public school kids...NO.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

bye sigh school

I'm back from my farewell party which was 4 days ago...
I actually really hate the event because my makeup was so terrible!!!
it was done by makeup artist or whatever the fuck is that, BUT I DON'T LIKE IT???????UGH
Never again. I don't want to trust anyone's hand onto my face anymore
anddd what really pissed me off also is...ARRRGHH
I didn't took a decent photo!!!!:( I'm very sensitive when it comes to photo's quality
It was semi outdoor, which means the light was not balanced
aaaaaaa i want to cry to see the photos...:'( it's blurry and over exposured while i look so dark