Tuesday, April 12, 2016

the empty's response

FINALLY!!11111!national exam has ended:^)
now I can freely do everything and be myself:^)
Ahhh im so happy i can't express it with words

Hey, do you still remember?
posts in august-september 2015...I was badly ignored in class
Everyday felt like a heavy punishment for me, actually surviving those first 3 months in year 12 is a miracle for me...idk how many times I thought of jumping from my class' window...
and everytime I think about that, I just feel like
 'wow, i cant believe it. im actually made it trough that condition...'

Ahhh:^) finally freed from that shitty class and shitty school!
not everyone is shitty tho, I got a guy bestest friend from my class! he's super nice and magical, I also got two groups outside from my class! (((my life outside from my class is pretty fun, btw)))
(but i just feel like wanna stab myself to death in class bc i fucking hate them)

ok!!! let's talk about my outfit ~~


today's outfit is white-and-light-grey! (and black stripes.ok)

idk why but everytime i took photos in this wall, my face will be overshadowed.

idk dude.

this outfit is reeeallyy comfy^^ I really like the material of the sweater...and the prints too:^) oh god I didn't regret buying it!!
But when the sweater got washed for the first time, the left part become kinda reddish...idk maybe that's because laundry error??? and I felt so sad..but each time I wash it, the reddish part kinda got away:^) yay!

I also made a DIY detachable collar! I read the tutorial and instantly thought 'omg i muST DO IT'
and when my sissy threw up her clothes, I cut the collars off and decorated it~

I also wear my tennis skirt which I haven't wear since the beginning of 2015 lmao:))
Also wear the tattoo leggings:^) Ah, It's so cute eventhough the prints already looking weird now...

I wore my grey sneakers from someone-that-i-used-to-know

Anddddyeahh!! FINALLY HOLIDAYS COMEEEE! I can play harvest moon and fantasy life endlessly, I'm thinking of getting a part time job for funding my travel plans...but...this is not an 'average country'...we don't have any part time job for students...:^)

Tomorrow I'll cut my hair short, andddd maybe I'll highlights it blonde...maybe...tho...

What I Wear : 

Sweater : Thrifted
Collar : DIY (Tutorial here!)
Skirt : Yonex (Thrifted)
Tights : Online shop in IG (forgot thou)
Sneakers : gift 


  1. Congrats on finishing your exams!! I am so glad you're out of that class, be sure to treat yourself to celebrate :D


  2. the tights is so cute, first i saw it, i thought that was a tattoo ^^



  3. yayayay you made it!!! woohooo :D you are awesome!!

    I fell in love with that sweater ^w^ the print is so much fun!! makes me smile!
    the tattoo tights are also so whimsical and amazing!

    I didn't even realize that the collar was detachable before you mentioned it :D and that's awesome!! the collar looks so great with that sweater and I love the cocacola badge <3 aww so cute :)

    omg can't wait to see your new hair >w< yes!!! such great plans!! <3

  4. the tights is so cute!!!
    thanks for sharing
    have a great day