Friday, April 1, 2016

nothing natural

It's D-2 Final Exam and I haven't study at all!
Wish me luck, please. I really need it.
Indonesian Language, English, Sociology and Geography are fine for me.
But Math????? Economy????I can't count shits!!!:(
But still, It's all ok and I wish it will end asap so I can adventure this tiny world of mine!

not balanced tho! but I like this pic!

I wore a brown tee, It's a rarity for me to wear Brown...
I don't really like the color brown, except Brown in suede material, it's a different thing!
But This time I try to wear brown!

I rarely wear this tee, I only wear this tee 4-5 times in 2 years...
This tee looks good, actually.
But the ~*~material~*~ is so thick and polyester-ish!

I also wear bell sleeve harrington jacket-ish outer! (idk if it's actually a two sided jacket lmao)
I immediately in love with this jacket, seeing the tartan lining... and the scallops hemming<333
It's so cute, and the brown is the kind of brown I like!

When I wear the hood, the jacket kinda looks like a cloak<33 
I really like cloaks, It's like the thing girl in folk story wears><

(ok I spent 10 minutes searching the word 'cloak', I only remember cape!!!)

my legs;_; so long!

I took these photos on the top side of my house (???not roof???) (my house doesn't have any roof anymore lmao)
and It looks so cute!! Especially the green background!:^) It looks so ~~~tropical~~~

By the way, the title of the blogpost is my favorite song 4ever, by my fav shoegaze band, Lush!

Outfit details~

Ok so I bought this skirt last year...It's been 1 year since I bought this skirt, and I never wear it!!!
The skirt is so cute! It's not a flare skirt, so I kinda look thinner wearing it...
And the lace trims:^) That's what makes the skirt so cute...:^)
I really love this skirt...:^)

What I Wear :

Jacket : Thrifted
Tee : Thrifted
Skirt : Thrifted
Shoes : GOSH
Ring : Stroberi Accessories


  1. Ooooh wow that cloak/jacket has the most epic cute design ever * 0 * love it!!!!
    It really reminds me of adorable fairytale characters too :D and it suits you so well (but of course!!) ^-^ <3

    I love how unique that skirt is too *.*

    The tropical background is so pretty!! It was snowing here yesterday :'(

    Good luck with the exams!! >.< I hate exams and luckily I've only had just a couple easy ones this spring.
    Good luck! You can do it!! <3

  2. cute look and good luck on your exam!

    danielle | avec danielle

  3. You look so cute !
    Following you dear, check my blog and if you like, maybe you can follow me too <3

  4. Those shoes are so cute!!