Thursday, April 14, 2016

butterfly on your right shoulder

...ok, any vocaloid fans will get that!!!!!
my blog title is based on Kagamine Len's song:^) HAHAHHA
so, last saturday, so we went to Butterfly park in our city:^)
It's my first time going there:^)
and seeing a lot of butterflies..makes my stomach full of butterflies:^)

when we took a rest in the cafe/souvenir shop, I found a super cute butterfly fabric!!
Aaaahh!! I'm really into cute fabrics nowaday, I wanna ask the shopkeeper...
but well, I'm too shy to ask._.

if you're lucky the butterfly will stay on your body:3 it's so flattering (it doesn't happen to me tho. nature hates me.)

I really love the mysterious vibe from this park, some people says this park is haunted...
(Well, you know... It's indonesia. It's a tradition to say EVERY place with big trees and many plants as a haunted place...)
But from what I see, my first impression in this park is 'WOW!! butterflies!! they have butterflies!!'

I don't quite like the pics here!!!!1111 but yeah

Ahh! I felt so happy while on the woody swing:^) It's so...ANISALIDJSDJ I NEVER BEEN THIS CAREFREE SINCE is beautiful:^) (no.)

I'''mmmmm rreeeaallyyy sorryyy!!1 for the shitty quality pic!!:^(
I hanged with my 'normal plebs', I kinda feel bad if I keep ask them for taking my outfit pics...:^(


My outfit that day was a mock turtleneck sweater! It's black~
and the Montana prints is in Velvet:^) I'm so happy that I bought it

I also wear my un-ironed checkered skirt which I haven't wear since May last year (my malaysia travel post...remember?:D)

What I Wear :

Sweater : Claude Montana (Thrifted)
Skirt : Thrifted
Sneakers : gift


  1. those butterflies are so pretty almost as pretty as you are

    Inside and Outside Blog

  2. omg wow that place looks truly magical <3 I'd love to visit it too ; 0 ; <3
    I really like butterflies! We don't have as pretty ones here as you have :) We saw a white one this week :'D It was the first butterfly this Spring!

    and woooow that cute swing *w* <3 You are so lucky! I love swinging too!
    It's so much fun. Feels like one of the happiest days in your childhood ^ . ^ <3

    And that butterfly print is so pretty! It'd make a lovely dress :D
    That skirt you're wearing is so cute too >w< loving the colours!

  3. Aaaa~ you look so cute <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. really great place with a cute person! love your blog, dear.. :)
    visit my blog anytime..


  5. Oh, that swing is so unique ! Love your plaid skirt dear, it is so you <3