Saturday, April 30, 2016

meet me at the corner

after being in a severe mood rollercoaster I decided to relax a little bit!
(I'm always relaxing all.the.time!!but idk still stressed up idk why lmao)
so....that means....wearing stripy tee!
idk but wearing stripes makes me feels relaxed! 
(i'm always wearing a black tee in my house!fyi)

so yea! the weather is kinda nice and I'm too lazy to set up the camera which resulted in 'a little bit over exposure' photos...but it's ok oko okokokok<3

Thursday, April 21, 2016

graveyard girl

Hiya!!!back @ me wanna bragging about my new hair lmao
Ok sooo many things happened this week, from cutting my hair, buying shit ton of flowers, buying fabrics for the first time, exploring traditional markets to search craft materials, making a flowery skirt...going to japan fest...going to records store day...SOOO MANY THINGS...I even confused where to start the story!

1 word about this week, fun!
I'm trying my best to learn how to cut and sew, I cut a skirt pattern and failed (a lil bit) but since I don't have sewing machine yet, after I cut the skirt fabrics, I took it into a taylor and...WOW I MADE A SKIRT!! (not fully made by me but still tho¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and i decorated it with some flowers~ I will show it to you guys when it ready, I also made the top by my hands too, It's a kebaya tho (for my school farewell party!)  as for now, I'm really busy going to taylor and going to my friend's house to sew the clothes lol

ok so I cut my hair, since I haven't told my parents that I got undercut beneath my long hair lolz so I decided to cut it short, and wheee I FEEL SO HEALTHY
and yeah! i'm in love with short hair since my hair looks (a lil bit) thicker than before
and I'm thinking about dying it to honey blonde or gold rose?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

butterfly on your right shoulder

...ok, any vocaloid fans will get that!!!!!
my blog title is based on Kagamine Len's song:^) HAHAHHA
so, last saturday, so we went to Butterfly park in our city:^)
It's my first time going there:^)
and seeing a lot of butterflies..makes my stomach full of butterflies:^)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

the empty's response

FINALLY!!11111!national exam has ended:^)
now I can freely do everything and be myself:^)
Ahhh im so happy i can't express it with words

Hey, do you still remember?
posts in august-september 2015...I was badly ignored in class
Everyday felt like a heavy punishment for me, actually surviving those first 3 months in year 12 is a miracle for me...idk how many times I thought of jumping from my class' window...
and everytime I think about that, I just feel like
 'wow, i cant believe it. im actually made it trough that condition...'

Ahhh:^) finally freed from that shitty class and shitty school!
not everyone is shitty tho, I got a guy bestest friend from my class! he's super nice and magical, I also got two groups outside from my class! (((my life outside from my class is pretty fun, btw)))
(but i just feel like wanna stab myself to death in class bc i fucking hate them)

ok!!! let's talk about my outfit ~~

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

500, Shake Baby Shake!

It's the third day of National exam, today I stressed out over math because.....out of 40 problems, I only can surely answer 1 problem. the rest is....hmm...god knows.
Good thing about this computer based national examination is....
we can't cheat! that means it's 95% pure from our hard work (not really tho). 
But the Bad thing about it is...we can't cheat!Which means....lower grades???idk.

Butttt!!!It's only 3 days again!! (it will ends next week on tuesday bc we got days off, fri and sat!)
and after that....yay!! I've planned some plannings to travel with my friends...can't wait!

Let's jump to my outfit~~

Friday, April 1, 2016

nothing natural

It's D-2 Final Exam and I haven't study at all!
Wish me luck, please. I really need it.
Indonesian Language, English, Sociology and Geography are fine for me.
But Math????? Economy????I can't count shits!!!:(
But still, It's all ok and I wish it will end asap so I can adventure this tiny world of mine!