Friday, March 18, 2016

remember that i thought you never cared

I've been really busy preparing for the upcoming art event in my school!
I've been coming home at 4pm in 3days in a row...:^)
But it's really fun, Searching for the materials, cutting things, gluing things..
(maybe it's because i interact with people that is NOT from my
But it's really fun!
I hope I can make a video of the event and make a blogpost about it...amen.

I've been thinking about this outfit for a while...(a month, actually..)
I'm really into turtlenecks lately, I mean, ikr that indonesia is not the place to wear turtleneck sweater bc it's fucking hot in here...BUT..turtlenecks are so cute!!!!
Also, Mixing pink and bnw is a nice idea...Gotta do it again.

I really like this pink overall, It's so cute!!! I didn't regret buying it.
At first, I'm so scared that I won't wear this overall, but after doing some mix n matches, 
I grew my love for this overall...<3
I've been wanting an overall, It'd been better if I got the denim one...and the drop crotch one...
But pink is damn nice.
and mixing it with black n white is an idea that everyone should try.

I also wear pins on the strap of the overalls, But I forgot to take a pic of it, I wore 3 pins!
Rainbow rose (it's covered by my hair), Coca Cola, and VOTE pins!:3
I'm gonna buy lots of pins and patches this year!!!

And hey! It's my pinkie kidz shoes debut!I got this in the kids' section!!
It's a light-up shoes...totally reminds me of my kindergaten years
 I actually wore this to my cram school, because I go there at night so I can be the spotlight, and yeah, Everyone noticed it, including the teacher.

I bought this sneakers almost a year ago, and got the chance to wear it only two times....:^) 
because I really like the lights and I don't want to waste the battery...
yeah, I'm the type of a person...
that won't play with talking dolls because I'm scared that the battery will be wasted...;_;

I wear my colorful mini hairclips!! and it looks really nice! I gotta do it frequently....
It's so cute...even tho it's making my hair looking thinner than ever lol:))

What I Wear :

Turtleteck Sweater : Thrifted
Pink Overalls : Thrifted 
Pins : Local Store
Socks : Unknown Brand
Shoes : Crocodile Kids


  1. This outfit is everything!!! * 0 * <3<3<3<3
    So perfect! I lllove the overalls especially because of the pinkness :D so unique and cool! wow!
    And I'm so jealous of those sneakers >w< light up shoes are the best!

    Sounds like you're having wonderful time at school :D I'd love to see pics from the art event!! <3

    <3 your style

  2. This outfit is so amazing, I'm in love!
    You're too cute :3