Monday, March 28, 2016


Hello guuyys~~~
I'm updating frequently lately~~~Right?!
it's because next week I'm not gonna show up at all because ~Final Exam~
I hope you guys would cherish every single second you read my posts~~

When majority of 'normal schoolkid' spending their remaining time with their ~beloved friends~
I'm just laying down infront laptop watching history of japan 57times a day (for shUUrrreee that video is so funny i can't stop cringing)


Outfit today is a velvet-ish turquoise baseball jacket (it's a kid jacket, i think)
I love this jacket sooo much! It's so soft~ and feels really relaxed,
 I love relaxed material... (idk if that  is a thing but i made it up lmao)

I wore a really cute ringer tee~~ I've always wanted to have ringer tee, but with a shorter sleeve, please;_; this kind of not-long-not-short-and-not-oversized-too sleeve looks really weird on me...

I love the print on the tee, It says 'cheer up' ! The color is pretty nice~
It soo vintage-ish:^)

Btw, I'm currently having a love hate relationship with outdoor lighting, 
But sometimes...the shadows...cover my fucking face:^) I cri.

Hola! It's that time for wearing my hair beads~
UUUGHH, I'm really into hair accessory lately!
Maybe I'll go hunting for cute kids hair accessory when I got my monthly allowance!

I wore a neon colored (pink and green) hair beads, on the right side of my head
and I wore strawberry mini clips on the left side of my head but I didn't take a photo of it because I was sweating like hell..
it was so hot..........imagine it.

This neon pink bag...It's a fucking 4$ thrift shop bag...It's kinda expensive but It's really worth it:^)
1. It's neon colored
2.It's pink
3.It's furry
4. It has face
5.It's cute!!!

I also wore my hand-drawn tattoo tights~
Finally, a DIY project that is fucking successful:^)

did u noticed the 'grrrl power' lmao

The left side is kinda not-so-good tho, because the drawing kinda faded away...But it's ok, It's still cute when I wear it...:^) maybe I'll make another one... but with bigger drawing lmao

It so easy, btw, making this, you just need flesh-colored tights and a fabric marker!
and I use two different methods when drawing
On the left leg, I drew it on a board, but then when I take it off, the ink is smudged...Making it kinda...dirty. and the ink is not absorbed neatly too:-/
On the right leg, I drew it directly on my leg! without any coverage, just draw, and... The result is better:^)

Oh nooo my shoes is so fucking dirty lmao:^)) 
I wore a neon orange shoelaces and neon yellowish-green socks..
the socks is fucking cheap too, only 0.5$!:^)

I wore a silver nail polish, and wore some bracelets~
Two of it are glowsticks..I've said right, that I really like how glowsticks bracelet looks:3

As for the post title, It's my current favorite song (Besides 90s songs lmao)
It's Lipslap By Kero Kero Bonito!
I got hyped wearing neon clothes because the music video! It's so colorful and cute
And the music is so energetic too, I love Sarah's cute voice!

What I Wear : 

Jacket : Thrifted
Tee : Thrifted 
Shorts : Thrifted
Accessories : Unbranded
Bag : Cocolulu (Thrifted)
Socks : Unbranded
Shoes : Colorbox
Tights : DIY

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Wonderful post, love it! :)
    Could you click on the links in this post (dress, bag and "Banggood")? I try to cooperate and I would be grateful for the help :)
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  2. I love this outfit!! Everything goes together really well and that T-shirt is awesome :D


  3. great post ! :

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  4. * 0 * I love this outfit to bits!! <3 There's so many amazing details and I LOVE details :D

    The print in that shirt is so amazing ^ v ^ It really makes me smile!!
    And those tights!!! they look flawless to me <3 they are so unique and the fact that they are DIY makes them even more awesome!! :D

    Your hair accessories are the cutest > w < suits you!!!

    Good luck with the exam!

  5. Such a cute outfit! Love the shoes xx

  6. So so in love with your style!! Those tights are the coolest, you put outfits together so effortlessly and they look super cool! Love your blog xx

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