Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dresslink Haul + Review !

Hiya~~~long time no see~
Last time I posted was in the beginning (or the middle) of January?!
I was so busy of doing things, now, I'm being honest, lol
It's only few months till my graduation...and I need to go to cram school, do those and these...
And I'm chosen as decorator for upcoming school event...ah...
(((why i'm enjoying school IN THE LAST MINUTES)))
(((nope, enjoying school is an extreme word, 
more like feeling good enough to sit my ass for 7 hours there)))

Ok so you guys must have seen my Dresslink Wishlist~~
If you haven't, Read it!
Finally I got the package~~ After waiting for 42 days! I FINALLY GOT IT!
Everyday before getting the package, I rushed to go home to see if the package has arrived or not
:^) y'know how that feels rite?!

After getting the package safe and sound~ I opened the package and WHAAAAA the clothes!!! are!!!so!!!cute!!!!

Ok enough for me blabbering let's jump on my review!

Just a basic mini stripy tee, I've always wanted one like this!
The stripes are so smol and cute, It's so minimalist! 
Perfect for lazy day outfit...ah, finally, I have a casual clothes...:^)

What I don't really like about this tee is the material, It's polyester-kinda material, So when I'm wearing it, It feels kinda hot.
And the sleeve is shorter than the description pic, But still it looks cute when it rolled up!
Plus I don't feel like I'm a fatso when I'm wearing this tee. Love the collar!

this candid shot looks so cute!!!!! i look so ~~~effortlessly cool~~~ 

score :     ♡ 
(The print and the collar is a plus point! but I don't really like the material...)

This is my most favorite item from the package~~
This tee is so cute!!!! It's cut out tee, It's stripy, and It has elbow patches<3 
I wanna cri. this is too good for me.

At first I thought the material would be like the stripe tee's material...But it's not.
The material is like...idk...jersey-ish?Kinda like swimming suit material.
It feels really cool when I'm wearing it!


score : 

This tee is so cute!! The prints are so dam good! it's so bright and cute~~~oh god.
The material is nice too! This tee is...so...me!

What I don't like about the tee is the sleeve! 
It's...kinda...hard to say but it's kinda long-tight sleeve...
and I'm not a big fan of that kind of sleeve...
It doesn't look really cute and effortlessly cool when rolled up;_;
or maybe that's because my arms are so big lmao.

Score : 

It's so cute! It's polkadot tights and perfect for casual strolling in mall-kinda day...<3

this is a big lie. my legs are so fat nowadays.

score : 

I'm so happy that my house is being renovated...if not, then I would be confused where to do a safe-photoshoots beside malls....(lampung is not really safe for fashion blogger:^) )
Luckily my father dyed our house pink...now I got pink walls...damn aesthetic! 
(((my neighbor stared at me and passerby are laughing at me, but i don't care lmao))) 

Overall, Shopping in Dresslink is really cheap! (all of the clothes i got is below 4$...)
But the shipping fee</3 is rather expensive.

You guys should really check Dresslink! They got flash sale everyday where they sell 0.01$ items!!!
And also, they have free shipping items!



  1. wow! finally new post! love those pieces! so cute


  2. all of them are so cute! the burger-fries top though<333

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  3. the junkfood tee looks the cutest <33

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  5. Love all the haul!! We really share the same taste in fashion!
    Bener2 harus hang out bareng nih kitaaaa xD

    Big Dreamer

    1. yay i can't wait to hang with you!! now i really can't wait to move there><

  6. You're so cute! Oh, maybe you can wear vertical stripes tee dear, it makes body looks slimmer <3
    By the way the burger prints tee is perfect!




  7. Really adorable style babee! love the third top :)

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