Thursday, March 24, 2016

can't stop

After a week of working endlessly on the art event decoration...I'm finally freed from all of it!
I met so many cool people from other class that I thought they were 'dumb kids' because they're living their youth out... (((I was such a hateful person towards people in school...)))

They were actually a fucking nice people and easy to work with, 
I even work with a girl that I used to really hate ((I don't even talk to her when I hated her, it's just because she cut my food queue lmao))
((I hate impolite person, but turns out she's very nice!!11))

And turns out, those people are way fucking better than my classmates!
If I compare them, it's like comparing 0 to 950.
My class is the only class that is not really helping, the only people that helped in my class was me, and other 3 people, out of 30 kids in my class. 
and they said they are A FUN CLASS.

I miss working with them already.
If only I meet them sooner:(
Why I'm feeling so happy at school at the end like this...

My outfit today is my beloved turtleneck stripy top (ofcourse!!) 
I've been wearing this outfit few times before, with black jeans, and most of the responses are 'WHERE DID U BUY THE TURTLENECK'
and I, effortlessly cool, answered, 'I got it for 2$ at the thrift shop'

I wore the horizontal-stripes tee with a vertical-stripes jeans jacket...
And it's a fucking nice idea!!! everyone should try it!
I really love the soft texture of the jeans jacket...It's not really jeans-y!!
And it's oversized, It's so fucking cute~

I also wear my 'a little bit too tight for me now' Tennis Skirt,
Because I've been trying to mixed bright color with monochromatic tee, 
And..the result is so fucking awesome! 

I quite like the pics in this photoshoots! 
The lighting wasn't really nice tho, It's cloudy but the result is so nice...
Not too bright and not too dark!
Maybe I should learn more about lighting...

I can't breathe properly with that skirt lol 
I wore it fine af in 2014...;_;
But hey, I improved so much since then lol;_;

i look so skinny from beside....;_;

Probably the next thing I'm going to do is mixing red and bnw...Hmm..

Also, I've been getting inspirations from korean style tumblr...I'm not really into kpop thingy, 
but korean style is so simple yet so cute!

The shoe I'm wearing is bnw leopard pattern hi-top sneakers...It's so cute! 
And the texture of the leopard pattern is velvet-ish??I really like this shoes!

my tummy</3

Everything is thrifted except the shoes, from Giovanni.

And here...Some photos from the art event~

We bought 10-15 packs of origami...which contains about 1000-1500 origami sheets?idk
and made so many paper cranes and paper stars~
It's so cute when I put them off I just want to cry...;_;

the backdrop is designed by yours truly lmao


  1. Great post, you have a very nice blog! :D

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  2. Great post, you have a very nice blog! :D

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  3. I hate people too :'D Rude people! And it's such a wonderful feeling when I've been wrong about someone being stupid. Kinda makes the world seem like a little better place, you know :DD

    I love that outfit so much <3 I'm such a big fan of yellow. Red + b&w sounds awesome!!! *o* You look amazing!

    Aww I'm in love with those rainbow origamis too Ö w Ö so pretty!!! They'd make any room a little more magical <3 The rainbow makes me feel so happy. Yay!

  4. The outfit with the striped turtleneck and yellow skirt is just so cute! Also, just goes to show that some people aren't just what they seem. Maybe someday you'll get to work with them again :).


  5. Such a perfect outfit <3

  6. I adore how funky and colorful your style is! :D

    Winn | ♥ | Instagram