Monday, March 28, 2016


Hello guuyys~~~
I'm updating frequently lately~~~Right?!
it's because next week I'm not gonna show up at all because ~Final Exam~
I hope you guys would cherish every single second you read my posts~~

When majority of 'normal schoolkid' spending their remaining time with their ~beloved friends~
I'm just laying down infront laptop watching history of japan 57times a day (for shUUrrreee that video is so funny i can't stop cringing)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

can't stop

After a week of working endlessly on the art event decoration...I'm finally freed from all of it!
I met so many cool people from other class that I thought they were 'dumb kids' because they're living their youth out... (((I was such a hateful person towards people in school...)))

They were actually a fucking nice people and easy to work with, 
I even work with a girl that I used to really hate ((I don't even talk to her when I hated her, it's just because she cut my food queue lmao))
((I hate impolite person, but turns out she's very nice!!11))

And turns out, those people are way fucking better than my classmates!
If I compare them, it's like comparing 0 to 950.
My class is the only class that is not really helping, the only people that helped in my class was me, and other 3 people, out of 30 kids in my class. 
and they said they are A FUN CLASS.

I miss working with them already.
If only I meet them sooner:(
Why I'm feeling so happy at school at the end like this...

Friday, March 18, 2016

remember that i thought you never cared

I've been really busy preparing for the upcoming art event in my school!
I've been coming home at 4pm in 3days in a row...:^)
But it's really fun, Searching for the materials, cutting things, gluing things..
(maybe it's because i interact with people that is NOT from my
But it's really fun!
I hope I can make a video of the event and make a blogpost about it...amen.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

de luxe

I realized that I got a lot of exams coming up
last week was mid test, tomorrow I'll having School Exam (pre-final exam???idk)
Next week will be practice exam (which I don't know what's the meaning of it, it's useless, yknow)
and after that....The Notorious National Exam.
(yeah, indonesian school system is fucking stressing af.) 
In Short, this is my last month in school (finally!!) 
and we'll having 1 month full of exams. nice!!

Today, when kids in my school are confused where to cheat and what to study, I go outside and took a lot of photos today, yeah, I don't study at all. No Regret.

By the way, Since last december, I'm really into Lush 
Ok, So pretty much people that like Lush... De Luxe would be in their fav lush songs list.
And I just discovered De Luxe this week lol. Never got the chance for listening to it.
(Ok, Fangirl rafa. stop there)
Ok I'll be stopping my blabbering about music and let's jump to my outfit~

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dresslink Haul + Review !

Hiya~~~long time no see~
Last time I posted was in the beginning (or the middle) of January?!
I was so busy of doing things, now, I'm being honest, lol
It's only few months till my graduation...and I need to go to cram school, do those and these...
And I'm chosen as decorator for upcoming school event...ah...
(((why i'm enjoying school IN THE LAST MINUTES)))
(((nope, enjoying school is an extreme word, 
more like feeling good enough to sit my ass for 7 hours there)))

Ok so you guys must have seen my Dresslink Wishlist~~
If you haven't, Read it!
Finally I got the package~~ After waiting for 42 days! I FINALLY GOT IT!
Everyday before getting the package, I rushed to go home to see if the package has arrived or not
:^) y'know how that feels rite?!

After getting the package safe and sound~ I opened the package and WHAAAAA the clothes!!! are!!!so!!!cute!!!!

Ok enough for me blabbering let's jump on my review!

Just a basic mini stripy tee, I've always wanted one like this!
The stripes are so smol and cute, It's so minimalist! 
Perfect for lazy day outfit...ah, finally, I have a casual clothes...:^)