Tuesday, January 12, 2016

dresslink wishlist!

Hillo everyone!^^
Happy New Year !
(It's dam late but whatever, I'm busy playing cards in class!)

New Year means New clothes!
(No, Not me, I'm just your average broke girl)
(broke, but wanting everything in this world, cryyyy)

Ok but I kinda have habit to create wishlist for things I want to buy in the beginning of the year
(weeeeell, not really, it's like, every month! I MAKE WISHLIST EVERY MONTH)
Wishlist is the best, I tend to imagine 'whaaaaa what if i wear this with this'
Seriously, I need to stop daydreaming....:^)

So! Today I'm gonna make a wishlist from Dresslink.com
It's a cool online shop with unbelievably low price...
Seriously.. A dress for 3$? Cute Creepers shoes for 6$? Caps for 2$? 
As a natural broke but shopaholic person, I couldn't resist it,
 affordable cute clothes but not from thrift shop? I'm in !

1.Striped Tee


you guys know me so well that i have a thing for stripy tees...So when i saw this tee, I was all like 'WHOAH I HAVEN'T GOT THIS KIND OF STRIPE TEE !!!'

2. Cut Out Shoulder Long Sleeve Striped Tee 

This so cuuute right?! I like the combination of Black and White and Red! It's always be my favorite color combination after Red, Blue and White!

It has elbow patches too! IT'S HEART!!!gosh.

3. Foodies Print Tee

This tee is so cute riiight?!!! It matches my blog background!^^ Hamburger! as a burger kidz I won't let this cute tee off from my wishlist!~

4. Polkadot Tights

I've always had a thing for tights! and this tights is dam cute because the polkadot~~~c u t e!

Oh, You can also buy things for $0.01 (IS THAT EVEN REAL?!!)
But, grab it quickly, it's so quick to sold out>,,,<!

And also, they have free shipping items~ 

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