Monday, December 26, 2016

fortune faded

It's been a long 4 months since the last time I wrote a serious blogpost:")

My first term in fashion design was....very busy.
I don't have time to be lazy, assignments keep pilling up and up...
 (and i failed drawing class already i crie)
(((i hate drawing subject ugh)))

and finally!! i got 2 weeks holiday:-) 
(public uni have like, 2months holiday and here i am regretting not applying for public uni)

But it's all ok:-) i'm gonna survive and stay sane for the next 2 years.

Finally I touched my camera:-) i really miss documenting what outfit i am wearing:-) my outfit game was super strong tho in college:-) (but i think i've been going to college without showering myself like...3-4 times this term lmao)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Dying my hair red like Miki Berenyi!

i don't have any camera anymore:(
(((my camera is left in my house i cri)))

so I want to share with you guys, I dyed my hair my dream color!
Just like Miki Berenyi, John Frusciante, and Gerard Way<3
(and other rockstars who dyed their hair red)


bye dull green hair!


it's my first time getting bleached full head...and i'm so fucking anxious..

I ACTUALLY LOOKING GOOD IN BLONDE HAIR??? btw, my hair just got bleached 1 time!'s so fucking dry;_;

tadah! I'm dying my hair red with orange on the tips~
I actually only want to dye my hair red but I think i might look like the traffic light, so I decided to tell the hairstylist to add some orange~


the stylist let me sit my ass down for 45-1 hour..

I hate sitting lonely in public place lol 



when I see the mirror for the first time i was like 'oh god now how the heck do i suppose to walk to campus tomorrow people gonna stare at me UGH' but then again 'well why the heck do i spend $$$ other than being stared to lol'

But finally! I feel like miki berenyi!:")

Bonus some hair inspiration photos~


See ya!
I'm planning on dying my hair like Flea next time, or Pink? I don't know!
but I heard dying blue hair can be a disaster...:)
so???? maybe...??

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Life in Pictures : August!

HI! I've been really busy since college just started
(and I already got 5 homeworks, FUCKING NICE<3)
What I learnt from my first 2 day of being design student is : it's fucking hard and you need to be fucking serious...ok..
(sorry for a lot of swearing BUT !!!!i can't help it)

Now, I'm living by my own in a smol rented-room (Or, kost) in Jakarta...
Y'know..I used to really waste food or waste my money on un-important things...but now, demn, i really regret i've ever did those things bc : 1. food is not cheap (esp. when u r a picky eater like me) is. not. cheap.
3. if you're still able to eat a lot of things in your house, don't waste it ok. 

so yea! here we go! my life in pics in August!

August 1 : Sending my Snail Mail!

so I got a penpal from US, I sent her a snail mail^^ I learnt shipping fee is a huge fuck-you to expensive...I can't ;_;

Sunday, August 21, 2016

heavenly nobodies

Hi! Back again with my outfit posts<3
I'm in the mood for bright colored things, because what doesn't scream more "summer!!' than bright colored outfits? Eventhough summer is ended in my country, we got weird weather, windy days, and rain!!!! ugh. I don't give a damn about weather...but just kinda ruin my mood.

But luckily today the weather was A-OK!<3
Sun is still there and not too bright, yet not really cloudy, perfect!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

life in pictures : july!

SOO!! here we go! another episode of my life!
July was sooo fun since I did so many things (most of it was...useless tho)
but it's ok since it was so fun!

July 1 : Went shopping and cherry picking!

I went shopping with my cousin and visited her house, There's this (kind of) cherry tree infront of her house, so I just pick it!^^

Saturday, August 6, 2016

tutti frutti

long time no see!! i've been real busy with real life!
which means i actually doing something (or, just hanging out pointlessly at malls and cafes)
and I've been having issues with myself yea!
I'm trying to be cheerful because i've been super anxious this 2 weeks because college orientation gonna start on monday and 2 weeks again, I'm moving to jakarta!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

life in pictures : june

hi hi!! so i'm gonna start a series about what's going on in my life^^ i took a shit ton of pics and planning to print them for my journal but i guess i'm gonna make a blog post about what happened in my life in june! the post gonna be pic heavy so brace yourself!

june 1 : jakarta 1 day trip

i woke up at 6am, preparing what clothes i should wear, stripes ofcourse! i brought 2 stripy tee, 1 thin stripes and 1 thick stripes but ended up wearing the thick one because the material is so comfy!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

dazed and confused

 I'm gonna continue my diary in Bengkulu^^
so at the day 2, or the last day, we went to Sungai Suci (Holy River)
(((wtf it's not even a river it's a beach...???)))

The place is so cool omg<3 probably gonna list this as my fav place in Bengkulu!
There's a bridge connecting the mini-rocks island...I should've took my outfit pics there..But there were my cousins and there's so many people passing...I don't want to disturb them...;_;
The place is a rock island made by sea abrasion! Kinda reminds me of tanah lot in Bali

Monday, July 11, 2016


Hi! just got back from my getaway trip to my village and to Bengkulu!
It waaaas so fun, I miss Bengkulu already:( the beaches there are so pretty... omg
What I hate about it was the long car ride tho lol, I can't stand long car ride...:(

I only stayed for 2 days there, and we spent each days by going to beaches!
2 years ago, I didn't get why people come to beaches...
when beaches is...the same all around the world?
I was wrong. beaches make me feel so refreshed...

pic that i took when we took a lunch at the seaside! it was so beautiful!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

sick love

hello everyone^^! i'm trying to post and be more colorful~~
and... also, trying to be more positive in life!
(it's hard. i admit it)
I'm actually in the middle of mood rollercoaster... I tend to get sad or angry really easy ughhh!!!11111 i can't control my own emotion!! it's!!so!!hard!!
so I'm confused what color to dye on my hair next...
Number 1 would be blue...but I want a dark blue. I noticed that I don't really like brown hair like this. there's time that I'm going all 'OMGGGGgg i fucking love my brown hair'
but there's days like 'ergh. hair. why.'
but I actually want to dye my hair red....UUUUGGGGGHHH IT'S SO HARD.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

the getaway

HEEEELLLOOOO!!^^ long time no see eeee?!
well, I just got super busy (hanging out pointlessly and going to sewing class^^) 
and become hesitant to ask my sis to take my pics, so
I keep procrastinate until one month lmao
so, as I said before, I got super busy, I'm currently taking sewing class! 
I'm in the process of making a pleated skirt, of course, pleated skirt = tartan!
can't wait to wear clothes that is sewn by myself^^

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

here comes the ice cream man

hi hi hi hi!!! 
when i'm writing this post, i'm literally burning to death bc my ac was off because there's blackout;( (weekly tradition in lampung, eeeeugh) but i insisted to publish this blogpost tonight!!!! sooo yea

well, this week, i've done nothing but waking up at 11am and trying to drive a car, when there's my friends inside, they would scream all the time. too close to road divider, too slow, too fast, too slow when turning, meh-_- it's dam complicated....and confusing

Thursday, May 12, 2016

one hot minute

I've been spending my holiday by waking up at 9am and go to my driving course!
I've finished my driving course and I hope I can get the bravery to drive car in the street...soon.
I'm so scared about getting honked and traffic jams...and HWAT IF MY CAR TURNED OFF SUDDENLY AND AAAAAAAAA no. no. no. I need to be more confident about this...:^)

Well yea, public uni. announcement is already being announced and YEA! i didn't qualified since I picked the no.1 public uni^^ lol no im not sad i'm happy!! if i got into public uni then it means...meeting public school kids...NO.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

bye sigh school

I'm back from my farewell party which was 4 days ago...
I actually really hate the event because my makeup was so terrible!!!
it was done by makeup artist or whatever the fuck is that, BUT I DON'T LIKE IT???????UGH
Never again. I don't want to trust anyone's hand onto my face anymore
anddd what really pissed me off also is...ARRRGHH
I didn't took a decent photo!!!!:( I'm very sensitive when it comes to photo's quality
It was semi outdoor, which means the light was not balanced
aaaaaaa i want to cry to see the photos...:'( it's blurry and over exposured while i look so dark

Saturday, April 30, 2016

meet me at the corner

after being in a severe mood rollercoaster I decided to relax a little bit!
(I'm always relaxing all.the.time!!but idk still stressed up idk why lmao)
so....that means....wearing stripy tee!
idk but wearing stripes makes me feels relaxed! 
(i'm always wearing a black tee in my house!fyi)

so yea! the weather is kinda nice and I'm too lazy to set up the camera which resulted in 'a little bit over exposure' photos...but it's ok oko okokokok<3

Thursday, April 21, 2016

graveyard girl

Hiya!!!back @ me wanna bragging about my new hair lmao
Ok sooo many things happened this week, from cutting my hair, buying shit ton of flowers, buying fabrics for the first time, exploring traditional markets to search craft materials, making a flowery skirt...going to japan fest...going to records store day...SOOO MANY THINGS...I even confused where to start the story!

1 word about this week, fun!
I'm trying my best to learn how to cut and sew, I cut a skirt pattern and failed (a lil bit) but since I don't have sewing machine yet, after I cut the skirt fabrics, I took it into a taylor and...WOW I MADE A SKIRT!! (not fully made by me but still tho¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and i decorated it with some flowers~ I will show it to you guys when it ready, I also made the top by my hands too, It's a kebaya tho (for my school farewell party!)  as for now, I'm really busy going to taylor and going to my friend's house to sew the clothes lol

ok so I cut my hair, since I haven't told my parents that I got undercut beneath my long hair lolz so I decided to cut it short, and wheee I FEEL SO HEALTHY
and yeah! i'm in love with short hair since my hair looks (a lil bit) thicker than before
and I'm thinking about dying it to honey blonde or gold rose?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

butterfly on your right shoulder

...ok, any vocaloid fans will get that!!!!!
my blog title is based on Kagamine Len's song:^) HAHAHHA
so, last saturday, so we went to Butterfly park in our city:^)
It's my first time going there:^)
and seeing a lot of butterflies..makes my stomach full of butterflies:^)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

the empty's response

FINALLY!!11111!national exam has ended:^)
now I can freely do everything and be myself:^)
Ahhh im so happy i can't express it with words

Hey, do you still remember?
posts in august-september 2015...I was badly ignored in class
Everyday felt like a heavy punishment for me, actually surviving those first 3 months in year 12 is a miracle for me...idk how many times I thought of jumping from my class' window...
and everytime I think about that, I just feel like
 'wow, i cant believe it. im actually made it trough that condition...'

Ahhh:^) finally freed from that shitty class and shitty school!
not everyone is shitty tho, I got a guy bestest friend from my class! he's super nice and magical, I also got two groups outside from my class! (((my life outside from my class is pretty fun, btw)))
(but i just feel like wanna stab myself to death in class bc i fucking hate them)

ok!!! let's talk about my outfit ~~

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

500, Shake Baby Shake!

It's the third day of National exam, today I stressed out over math because.....out of 40 problems, I only can surely answer 1 problem. the rest is....hmm...god knows.
Good thing about this computer based national examination is....
we can't cheat! that means it's 95% pure from our hard work (not really tho). 
But the Bad thing about it is...we can't cheat!Which means....lower grades???idk.

Butttt!!!It's only 3 days again!! (it will ends next week on tuesday bc we got days off, fri and sat!)
and after that....yay!! I've planned some plannings to travel with my friends...can't wait!

Let's jump to my outfit~~

Friday, April 1, 2016

nothing natural

It's D-2 Final Exam and I haven't study at all!
Wish me luck, please. I really need it.
Indonesian Language, English, Sociology and Geography are fine for me.
But Math????? Economy????I can't count shits!!!:(
But still, It's all ok and I wish it will end asap so I can adventure this tiny world of mine!

Monday, March 28, 2016


Hello guuyys~~~
I'm updating frequently lately~~~Right?!
it's because next week I'm not gonna show up at all because ~Final Exam~
I hope you guys would cherish every single second you read my posts~~

When majority of 'normal schoolkid' spending their remaining time with their ~beloved friends~
I'm just laying down infront laptop watching history of japan 57times a day (for shUUrrreee that video is so funny i can't stop cringing)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

can't stop

After a week of working endlessly on the art event decoration...I'm finally freed from all of it!
I met so many cool people from other class that I thought they were 'dumb kids' because they're living their youth out... (((I was such a hateful person towards people in school...)))

They were actually a fucking nice people and easy to work with, 
I even work with a girl that I used to really hate ((I don't even talk to her when I hated her, it's just because she cut my food queue lmao))
((I hate impolite person, but turns out she's very nice!!11))

And turns out, those people are way fucking better than my classmates!
If I compare them, it's like comparing 0 to 950.
My class is the only class that is not really helping, the only people that helped in my class was me, and other 3 people, out of 30 kids in my class. 
and they said they are A FUN CLASS.

I miss working with them already.
If only I meet them sooner:(
Why I'm feeling so happy at school at the end like this...

Friday, March 18, 2016

remember that i thought you never cared

I've been really busy preparing for the upcoming art event in my school!
I've been coming home at 4pm in 3days in a row...:^)
But it's really fun, Searching for the materials, cutting things, gluing things..
(maybe it's because i interact with people that is NOT from my
But it's really fun!
I hope I can make a video of the event and make a blogpost about it...amen.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

de luxe

I realized that I got a lot of exams coming up
last week was mid test, tomorrow I'll having School Exam (pre-final exam???idk)
Next week will be practice exam (which I don't know what's the meaning of it, it's useless, yknow)
and after that....The Notorious National Exam.
(yeah, indonesian school system is fucking stressing af.) 
In Short, this is my last month in school (finally!!) 
and we'll having 1 month full of exams. nice!!

Today, when kids in my school are confused where to cheat and what to study, I go outside and took a lot of photos today, yeah, I don't study at all. No Regret.

By the way, Since last december, I'm really into Lush 
Ok, So pretty much people that like Lush... De Luxe would be in their fav lush songs list.
And I just discovered De Luxe this week lol. Never got the chance for listening to it.
(Ok, Fangirl rafa. stop there)
Ok I'll be stopping my blabbering about music and let's jump to my outfit~

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dresslink Haul + Review !

Hiya~~~long time no see~
Last time I posted was in the beginning (or the middle) of January?!
I was so busy of doing things, now, I'm being honest, lol
It's only few months till my graduation...and I need to go to cram school, do those and these...
And I'm chosen as decorator for upcoming school event...ah...
(((why i'm enjoying school IN THE LAST MINUTES)))
(((nope, enjoying school is an extreme word, 
more like feeling good enough to sit my ass for 7 hours there)))

Ok so you guys must have seen my Dresslink Wishlist~~
If you haven't, Read it!
Finally I got the package~~ After waiting for 42 days! I FINALLY GOT IT!
Everyday before getting the package, I rushed to go home to see if the package has arrived or not
:^) y'know how that feels rite?!

After getting the package safe and sound~ I opened the package and WHAAAAA the clothes!!! are!!!so!!!cute!!!!

Ok enough for me blabbering let's jump on my review!

Just a basic mini stripy tee, I've always wanted one like this!
The stripes are so smol and cute, It's so minimalist! 
Perfect for lazy day outfit...ah, finally, I have a casual clothes...:^)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

dresslink wishlist!

Hillo everyone!^^
Happy New Year !
(It's dam late but whatever, I'm busy playing cards in class!)

New Year means New clothes!
(No, Not me, I'm just your average broke girl)
(broke, but wanting everything in this world, cryyyy)

Ok but I kinda have habit to create wishlist for things I want to buy in the beginning of the year
(weeeeell, not really, it's like, every month! I MAKE WISHLIST EVERY MONTH)
Wishlist is the best, I tend to imagine 'whaaaaa what if i wear this with this'
Seriously, I need to stop daydreaming....:^)

So! Today I'm gonna make a wishlist from
It's a cool online shop with unbelievably low price...
Seriously.. A dress for 3$? Cute Creepers shoes for 6$? Caps for 2$? 
As a natural broke but shopaholic person, I couldn't resist it,
 affordable cute clothes but not from thrift shop? I'm in !

1.Striped Tee


you guys know me so well that i have a thing for stripy tees...So when i saw this tee, I was all like 'WHOAH I HAVEN'T GOT THIS KIND OF STRIPE TEE !!!'

2. Cut Out Shoulder Long Sleeve Striped Tee 

This so cuuute right?! I like the combination of Black and White and Red! It's always be my favorite color combination after Red, Blue and White!

It has elbow patches too! IT'S HEART!!!gosh.

3. Foodies Print Tee

This tee is so cute riiight?!!! It matches my blog background!^^ Hamburger! as a burger kidz I won't let this cute tee off from my wishlist!~

4. Polkadot Tights

I've always had a thing for tights! and this tights is dam cute because the polkadot~~~c u t e!

Oh, You can also buy things for $0.01 (IS THAT EVEN REAL?!!)
But, grab it quickly, it's so quick to sold out>,,,<!

And also, they have free shipping items~