Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Hello there! Long time no see!!^^
Finally, after months of in-state of almost having mental breakdown,
I've passed on final exam 
(but i haven't got enough credits to get a nice report card tho)
yea whatever but finally!!! I can frequently post again^^

I admit, being the last year student is really tiresome...
(I said this eventhough i never come to class and pay attention to the teacher lol)
I became busier... idk i'm not busy with studying, more like busy...
...playing with my friends...pointless hanging this is not me...
I need to re-evaluate my life. asap.

So yea! After a week full of blackening answer sheets and got scolded because sleeping while in exam, We decided to do a photoshoot on a floaties in the pool^^
I knowwww, it's fall/winter outside there but in here yea it rains a lot now BUTTTT still hot!!!>:(
i cri.
and also I tried my new lens in this photoshoot>,< finally, a nice lens!


I've been wanting to do this kind of photoshoot since July, but at that time, 
idk where to rent a floaties,
so, now,
floaties are bombing, in a trend! yay!
Many people posted on instagram enjoying their time on the floaties, 
We thought it was a good idea to have this kind of photoshoot too...
It's so bothersome!!!!!
I mean, we need to inflate the floaties with mini electronic inflater????idk
 it takes 1 hour!!??!
and it doesn't inflate the floaties at luckily the pool guard offered to help us by inflate it maNUALLy!?!?!!!! (by hands?!!!)
oh gosh. I hope he's having a nice day!

it was so bright, i couldn't even open my eyes... :^)
so pardon my 'omg it's so hard to open eyes bc i originally have smol eyes!!!111'

i luv dis photo it's so qyut 

I've always have things for floral shirt,
the shirt that middle aged men in their leisure time use:)) 
It's so cute! 
And when I saw this shirt in thrift shop, I fell in love with it immediately!
Y'know, It's cropped, it looks good when the sleeve is rolled up, and it has hoods~~
So qyuuut!!
I also wear my jeans short, I found it in thrift shop for a pretty good deal, and it's levi's :3

Shirt and Tee is Thrifted.

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