Sunday, December 27, 2015

for love

Okk, so I'll finish posting about my short trip (it's not short, it's micro trip!lol)
On the second day, we went to garut, i thought we were going to a cold place like yesterday, so I ended up wearing sweater, but, it'!!it's 33 celcius and i wore 2 layers of clothing?! nice.

While the mommies are busying themselves by shopping, me and my sister searching a good spot to take ootds....turned out it's so hard!
we managed to find a cute place, it's like, collection of barrels, blue barrels! but it's in a kinda military place...and there are so many guards there...supposed it wont hurt to ask nicely but me and my sis are just an awkward person so we ended up taking pics from the sidewalk lol

I wore my favorite sweater with a tee underneath, the tee is actually really colorful, so instead of wearing boring plaid shirt underneath, I'd wear this tee with cute collar!<3
And I also in love with drop crotch pants, I got 2 from thrift shop, what I like about drop crotch pants is... I don't feel caged while wearing it lol X)) (big thigh problems...)

taking pic in the sidewalk is really fun yet really depressing, the pic will be more natural, but, but but but!!!!! too many people walking!!! (well, it's public place, lol)

Outfit Details : 

The jeans have starry patterns which is really cute<3 and got so many patches, there are two patches saying 'Copper Smith' idk if it's the brand name or something tho..

I also wore neon attires for my sneakers^^
Neon shoelaces and Neon socks.... YAY FOR NEON COLOR<3!!111!
When I'm in the bus, we have blue light on top of our head, so when it turned on, my shoelaces and my socks....glowing in the dark lol xD
What I love about the socks's dam cheap!!! it's only 0.3 USD???????nice

The title, 'For Love' is my favorite song at the moment!^^ 
It's from LUSH
ARRRGHHH i'm really into bands lately.
Miki Berenyi's rocking red hair makes me want to dye my hair to bright x)

What I Wear :

Sweater : Bugis Street
Tee (Underneath) : SPUMONI by Franko
Pants : Thrifted
Shoes : Colorbox
Socks : Unknown Brand


  1. That jeans!<3<3

    Love, angel.

  2. never knew that neon shoelaces looks good with white sneakers!!!


  3. I really love your fashion sense.
    you always look amazing so all of your outfits are lovely.
    would you like to follow each other on GFC & G+? If you follow me,
    I will follow you back after it.

  4. look that cute pants! :3

  5. love it!

  6. Aaaa~ you look so cute from head to toe <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  7. What a cute and bright outfit <33

    Yes, sometimes I have the problem when taking pic in the sidewalk :p
    Mind to follow my blog?

  8. omg coolest outfit ever, especially your jeans. I love it!!!! So funkey and adorable <3

    A C Y H O Z - blog


  9. I'm in love with your blog, it's so pretty and adorable! I adore visiting thrift shops, they are the best :D now following you on GFC! xx

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