Tuesday, October 27, 2015

it'll be a silent day i'll share with you

Hi guuuys!~
Hehehee, I don't do outfit pics lately because my house is still in renovation, so my wardrobe is locked down and I don't have any room right now:(
I promise I will update as frequently as possible when my wardrobe is not locked anymore>,<

At this rate, my score is really threatened,
I spent almost 90% of my time in school outside from my class,
 it's either I go to my friend's class, or go to library to sleep/draw there lol.
(As a student in the last year, this is not really good lol)
(I also have skipped 2 days this week...hnngggGgkkaaawwwhNN)

Ok so, Me and my friends had a 'halloween' photoshoot today but yeeeeea...idk, I'm not into celebrating festivals tho, so I don't really dress up,
I planned to be a guro lolita,
 but ended up wearing striped tee and ripped jeans because i'm so lazy to doll up nowadays....

Fun fact : 2 hours before going to this photoshoot, I made this eyepatch lol, I handsewn the patches!!111 I actually able to do something !! >:O

Lately, I just....like to dress myself with black...
I'm in love with grunge/punk/or whatever you call it,
But one thing for sure, I'm in love with striped shirts!!!
My life goal is to collect tons of striped shirts>,<

I love my ripped jeans...<3
so I tried to do 'grungey' eyeliner (I mean, applying eyeliner on the bottom side of eyes...) and...HNGGGGG I'M IN LOVE I LOOK SO PUNK PUNK PUNK
Gonna try it again!!!1111!111!

Ok so maybe you guys wondering 'wtf is this person cosplaying'
I'm cosplaying as a high school student that really want to burn their school but too lazy because i'm nice like that

Ok, That's all, I'm planning to do a fairy makeup thingy butTTTTTTT so lazy!!!!!!!!! I want to sleep all day or just play my kingdom hearts T_T

Bye bye!


  1. jeez I thought you hurt your eye !
    Happy Halloween !

  2. You look so great :)


  3. Hahha, I feel you. It's been such a lazy few days over here as well, blame it on the weather! Your eye-patch thing made me chuckle, why are you too adorable? Stay in school, young lady and study after you're done being lazy, **Just Kidding** But, of course, stay in school. LOL xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    1. ahh anything but studying>,<)/ !! but, aye aye captain!>:D

  4. ool shots <33
    btw study study i know it's tough but this too shall pass ;;)

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.co.id/

    1. ya!! i'm really tryin' my best to study >,,,,<)/ this will end soon >:D