Tuesday, October 27, 2015

it'll be a silent day i'll share with you

Hi guuuys!~
Hehehee, I don't do outfit pics lately because my house is still in renovation, so my wardrobe is locked down and I don't have any room right now:(
I promise I will update as frequently as possible when my wardrobe is not locked anymore>,<

At this rate, my score is really threatened,
I spent almost 90% of my time in school outside from my class,
 it's either I go to my friend's class, or go to library to sleep/draw there lol.
(As a student in the last year, this is not really good lol)
(I also have skipped 2 days this week...hnngggGgkkaaawwwhNN)

Ok so, Me and my friends had a 'halloween' photoshoot today but yeeeeea...idk, I'm not into celebrating festivals tho, so I don't really dress up,
I planned to be a guro lolita,
 but ended up wearing striped tee and ripped jeans because i'm so lazy to doll up nowadays....

Monday, October 5, 2015

lonesome street

1 month no post!!
I'm back from my 'hiatus'
(whoa whoa)

Last month...I was really busy.
Yes. Busy.
It's not the kind of 'busy' that have result.
It's the kind of 'busy' of facing problems one by one!

Annnd, I'm not gonna say my school life is becoming better.
(Because everytime I say that my school life would be worse than ever...it happened twice lol)
But the girls are starting to talk to me, and the boys are not rude like they were in 2 months ago..

But a change is better than no change at all^^

And, In last month, I discovered soooo many new favorite songs.
And you know, In one day, I can binge listening to Blur's album nonstop lol