Sunday, August 23, 2015

tomorrow comes today

Hi everyone!
I'm trying to be a good blogger, at least I need to post 1 post a;p
Idc anymore about school.. (well, not really)
But I don't study at all! I just sit there waiting the school ends while playing dating sim!:)

This week, my school life had been so excellent!
I'm ignored by everyone in class!^_^
I'm deleted from class' group chat in LINE!^_^
I always got shouted even though I didn't do anything wrong!^_^

And it made me realize that...I've been nothing but a bad guy.
Maybe this is the way 'god' punish me..
(omg I actually talk about god oh god lol)
Yea in middle school I always ignore the kids I don't like and tease them..
Well, at least I realize that Bullying people is never okay and eventhough you think it's only for fun, It's not! 
The people that you bully never think it's funny at all! 
What they think of you is "fuck this person i hope you die in bad disease or plane crash"

Ok, enough of wise talk and let's jump to today photoshoot~

Today me and my friend decided to do a photoshoot in Car Free Day area out of nowhere.
I just messaged her 'hey let's go to car free day and take outfit shots there lol'

But this is the most favorite place to take outfit photos (maybe for the time being lol!)
It's safe, because in about 1km from us there are bunch of policemen. So it's safe^_^)/
And....the lighting is so good omg im so happy...:)



My outfit today is inspired by kids who like to wear dungaree + their hero tee!
(Kids are just like that, rite?! they love to wear their fav hero tee!<3)
I reeeeally like Captain America! and luckily eventho almost all of the hero tee is sold out,
The Captain America wasn't sold out yet! yaaay!
I've been wanting this tee since the beginning of the year>_<

I also wear mismatched socks because who doesn't like mismatched socks huh?!:)

look at the kids behind me, they r staring at me lol

my fav pic of me this week<3
Ok that's it!

Before ending this post,
I want to say to my readers who get teased, made fun of, bullied by someone/some group,
Stand for yourself!
Don't hate yourself. Don't blame yourself.
They are the one who are wrong, Not you. 
Just be confident and look them as a low-grade human who get entertained by bullying someone...
You're not alone and I love you!
*sending virtual hugs*
Let's fight bullying!>,<

What I Wear :

Tee : H&R
Dungaree : Thrifted
Shoes : Unknown Brand


  1. Hi! Thank you so much for your kind comment in my blog. It seriously made my day. <3

    Your post touched me. I was a victim of bullying back then and I know how awful it is. But you know, they actually taught you a few lessons in life. And if it is not because of them, I wont be where I am today. Btw, you look cute in that dungaree :P

  2. Getting fashion inspiration from kids is the best :) they're so natural in what they like to wear.

  3. Your blog is amazing!! The hamburgers on the background make me so happy, haha. I seriously love it. And your writing is great as well!! Love the mismatched socks - life's too short to wear matching socks, right? ;) Great outfit! :D

    ♥♥♥ Saskia

  4. Cute look~

    New post
    If you follow my blog, I follow your blog too, write about it~

  5. hang in there dear this too shall pass :))
    cute outfit btw <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  6. Your outfit pictures are just perfect and I love the outfit itself!
    would you like to follow each other on gfc? If you follow me,
    I will follow you back after it. ^^

  7. Can i get your line id? I really miss you, Rafa
    Or maybe you can add me my id is Intanputi24

  8. Sending you lots of hugs too and I hate the fact that you are mistreated at school, I'd love to strangle one of those brats, makes me so damn angry I might pop a vein on my forehead!! >.< Don't you have teachers there who can somehow control the situations, what kind of a messed up school is that! UGH! Before I get into a manic anger hysteria, let me just say I looove the superhero outfit. I have to admit, Captain America is my least favorite superhero, but the tshirt is super bad ass nonetheless!