Thursday, August 27, 2015

dejalo si quieres continuar

Ok first thing first the title is lyrics from Gorillaz's song "Latin Simone".
It means "Give up if you wanna survive"
And I think It suits my condition pretty well^^

Well, I really can't say whether my condition is improving or just becoming worse than ever, but there's a girl in class that said "I can't stand seeing you get verbally bullied, why don't you stand up for yourself?well, If anything happens, just give 'signal' to me and I'll help you out"
And...Omg...It restores my faith in humanity...
Well, she's the type of kid that rarely goes to school, but she's pretty nice but...well..she's also hated by people in school...idc.

But, I won't forget her goodwill for me.

My friend and I went to a cafe, 
and we picked the outside seats because ~*~good lighting~*~
(Didn't took photos of my food since I only ate fried rice and i'm not really fond of eating rice)


And seems like we were 'hanging out' there too long, So we left the cafe and continued our photoshoots in my friend's house.

My outfit is tartan x white tee.
Wanted to do this since long ago but too lazy to wear midi skirt lolx)
I'm in love with 'face tee' idk what to call it lol. 
Now, I have 2 face tees, both of them bought in ~*~thrift shops~*~!
This tee is so cute y'know...I forgot to take detail shots but there's piercing in the baby's nose and ears...das so cute omg.

I remember that I custom made this skirt in an online shop, so we pick the fabric and they made it into skirt, Well, now..I kinda want to but some cute fabrics and take it to taylor to make it into cute clothes..Hmm..
I forgot to wear socks. anD IT FEELS HORRIBLE?!?!
Since the sneakers was a bit oversized (small sized feet person receiving shoes as gifts be like..)

y'know, I get told a lot by people around me I look better if my hair is tied, well, I kinda think of that too, but I'm too lazy to tie up my hair, so I just half tie it lol^^

What I Wear :
Tee: Thrift Shop
Skirt : Custom made at @Beneficeshop (IG)
Sneakers : Gift (But I think there's many of these in Bugis street)


  1. I love your skirt<3<3


  2. Really love your outfit ! xo
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  3. Nice skirt! <3

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  4. lovely skirt <33

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  6. I love your handbag,and your style is so attract with me.

  7. I like your skirt, it looks really cute and you. And in my opinion, your make up looks great on you! Good job!

    All the love, Eiren. :) xx

  8. Omg i love your plaid skirt and shoes!!! Inlove with your blog! Would you like for us to follow each other! Im your newest follower. Let's keep in touch!


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  10. You look awesome both with tied and not tied hair and I actually like these shoes without socks, looks super pretty! What is this online shop where you can make your own clothes? O_O The skirt turned out great, I love the shape and length.
    Kudos for that brave girl who stood up for you, I want to hug her! It's great to know there are people in this world who care about what happens around them, and not just robots who exist and don't give a dime about anything but their golden ass.