Thursday, August 27, 2015

dejalo si quieres continuar

Ok first thing first the title is lyrics from Gorillaz's song "Latin Simone".
It means "Give up if you wanna survive"
And I think It suits my condition pretty well^^

Well, I really can't say whether my condition is improving or just becoming worse than ever, but there's a girl in class that said "I can't stand seeing you get verbally bullied, why don't you stand up for yourself?well, If anything happens, just give 'signal' to me and I'll help you out"
And...Omg...It restores my faith in humanity...
Well, she's the type of kid that rarely goes to school, but she's pretty nice but...well..she's also hated by people in school...idc.

But, I won't forget her goodwill for me.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

tomorrow comes today

Hi everyone!
I'm trying to be a good blogger, at least I need to post 1 post a;p
Idc anymore about school.. (well, not really)
But I don't study at all! I just sit there waiting the school ends while playing dating sim!:)

This week, my school life had been so excellent!
I'm ignored by everyone in class!^_^
I'm deleted from class' group chat in LINE!^_^
I always got shouted even though I didn't do anything wrong!^_^

And it made me realize that...I've been nothing but a bad guy.
Maybe this is the way 'god' punish me..
(omg I actually talk about god oh god lol)
Yea in middle school I always ignore the kids I don't like and tease them..
Well, at least I realize that Bullying people is never okay and eventhough you think it's only for fun, It's not! 
The people that you bully never think it's funny at all! 
What they think of you is "fuck this person i hope you die in bad disease or plane crash"

Ok, enough of wise talk and let's jump to today photoshoot~

Today me and my friend decided to do a photoshoot in Car Free Day area out of nowhere.
I just messaged her 'hey let's go to car free day and take outfit shots there lol'

But this is the most favorite place to take outfit photos (maybe for the time being lol!)
It's safe, because in about 1km from us there are bunch of policemen. So it's safe^_^)/
And....the lighting is so good omg im so happy...:)


Monday, August 17, 2015

revolving door

Hiii! Long time no see!
You see, I got 1 week without wifi and being busy with real life..yeeeah..

Let me do a quick review about this first month of last year of highschool (yay!)
First thing first, about my last year harassment...It's not that bad anymore, they didn't laid any finger because I studied how to be angry at them. But still, they still bully me verbally.

Oh! And btw, I didn't move class. Because one of my friend said it requires tons of effort. plus, my parents need to come too. So, no. I'm the type of the person that will lose my interest of doing a thing if someone tell bad things about it...haha.

And, when I think "ah, school is getting better."
That's when I faced another problem. Well, in a nutshell, girls in my class started to avoid me. Weeell, actually I just have problem with 1 of them, But you know!!!!! dumb girls are dumb. 

Aaaand here I am, hating school, hoping people in my class die...playing Dating sims...and counting days left to final exam..
Ok. That's it! my very first 3 weeks of school! Lot of thing happens!!