Sunday, July 26, 2015

to binge

"I'm caught again in the mystery
You're by my side, but are you still with me?
The answers somewhere deep in it, I'm sorry that you're feeling it
But I just have to tell that I love you so much these days
Have to tell you that I love you so much these days, it's true"

Hi^^today the sun was so good to have a mini photoshoot infront of my house

the opacity of the "tattoo" is decreasing day by day...:-(
 I'm in a good mood weeks lately^^
(OFCOURSE, not meeting the most foolish fools of this foolish fool city...)

And I'm in mood for listening chilly music, and, 
I found a song by my favorite band EVER, Gorillaz, To Binge!

And the color theme in the video clip is orange...
Orange is the new black my new favorite color!
 It's cheerful, yet It has kinda sorrow feelings yet still have sweety feels
(ignore me, PLEASE!)

Sooo yeah!
My outfits today is all orange-y and yellow-ish!
I see Orange and Yellow as two bestest friend ever, which can't be separated^^
I wore my favorite sweatshirt (...for the time being) because it has cute patches all over it^_^!
Yay for patches!

And I've been thinking of wearing this cute yellow tennis skirt but never had the chance (The skirt is dam short...)
I actually planned the outfit for my Malaysia trip, but ended up didn't wearing it, y'know, my mom would breathe fire if I wear skirt this short infront of her^^v

Also, I wore my new neon orange shoelaces^_^)/
FiNaLLYyYYyYy!!! I have the efforts to put the shoelaces!!
(The shoes is left un-laced by me for 2months because im too lazy to lace it up after i washed it lol)

Shoutout to my cousin whom took these pics^^
Thanks, couz! yay for you!

Sweatshirt : Chic Girl // Tennis Skirt : HEAD (Thrifted) //
 Tights : ...forgot the shop name... // Sneakers : Colorbox 
Annndddd! That's it!
Oh, my Bengkulu V-Diary is up on the youtube! 
(I'm always making travel journal everytime I go out^^)

Thanks for reading my posts!
Thank you and see you soon! Bye-bye!


  1. cute outfit <33
    love the vlog btw :))

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. You look so cute. Love your sweatshirt :)

  3. This is style clothes no timeless,thanks for you share.