Monday, June 29, 2015

my favorite swing

Hi everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryone!
I'm so busy playing my Ace Attorney series and playing the sims so I locked myself up in my room for days lol...
Since It's Ramadhan Month means I need to fast (ugh) and no energy...for walking in the middle of the's damn hot here.
whatever. I'm....fasting for....losing weight (lol)

So we tried to take shots from the footbridge..It's a perfect place (for me, atleast)
I don't get scared so often because not many people passes trough us, Since people in here prefer to cross the street, not by walking on this bridge
 (then what's the point of building these thing??? ah. for taking outfit pic. yes)

But before I can take detail shots, a man was passing us and I was all like
"hold the camera, and we walk down, ok. I don't want my camera got snatched up ok. it's my life. ok. please. ok"
Even after that man passed, my hands is still shaking....
eventhou he's only a middle aged office man lol

I'm not being sexist here, but I feel very very uneasy and scared when a man pass by me.
 (yEah since the one that stole my handphone was a man so i got traumatized by man!!!11ok!11!!) 

I wore a sweater that I haven't wear for long long times. I used it once in my last year outfit photo, and  once wore it to school (Total Wore Time : 3times) lol.
I love the print on this sweater, It says CLUB on the front, and Aloha on the back. And those cute orange flowers on the sleeve. yassss

I also wear a 2 pattern shirt underneath, The shirt is so cute, On the left side is white-brown gingham check, and the right side is navy blue tartan print, The lining for the button (idk how to say that lol) and the collar is navy blue polkadot print. SO CUTE IM SO GLAD I FOUND THIS !!!

I also wore my vintage pop art bag, I bought it last year. I fell love in the first sight I saw this bag. I reallyyyy love pop art thingy!! Tee : check!, Bag : Check!, Skirt : check!, the only pop art thingy I don't have yet is the pop art sneakers...Craving for it!!!!

I also wore my cream sneakers with red-and-white shoelaces. Don't forget with orange tie dye socks.  I've been collecting shoelaces lately. I'm in love with decorating my shoes with neon colored shoelaces!1!!!1!

What I Wore :

Shirt : Thrift Shop
Sweater : Bugis Street
Shorts : Thrift Shop
Bag : Naughty accessories
Socks : DIY
Sneakers : League

Btw, the title is my favorite song for the time being!!!!^^
It's from DE DE MOUSE's track, My Favorite Swing
It's so cheerful! love it<3

(sounds like almost all of songs I listen to lol)


  1. very cute :)

  2. Cute outfit :p

  3. so cute so cheerfull

  4. The colorful shoe laces is a brilliant idea, really have to pimp my shoes as well :D
    Aaaah, I feel you, we have pickpockets here and once my friend's phone got snatched right from her hands! I understand you've been traumatized and you see danger everywhere, that's just how our stupid brain works, but I believe most people you encounter aren't the evil doers you think them to be, and worrying and running away from public places doesn't help a bit. My point is, even though it's hard, try not to give a damn so much about people passing by you.
    Now back to the outfit :D The colorful sweatshirt here soooooooooooo cutesy, I want it! And I've never seen such a cool bag, seriously, where do you get these stuff, everything is super cool! I love the song too, gonna bookmark it :D

  5. loving this comfy shopisticated look!

    love, Diras.
    Fashion Beauty Blogger

  6. your popart tote bag is to die for! you looked great!
    btw the bridge look so familiar! its like somewhere in west/centrral jakarta if im not mistaken!

    Greeting from Indonesia
    LILSHELULLABIES: My OOTD For Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 (NEW POST!)

  7. Cute outfit!!! I love your sweater,i love your shirt,i love your tote bag,i love all of them! :p

  8. This look is such a mess, but positively ! <3 You look genius and I'd love to look like you! <3

  9. happy trip is happy!