Wednesday, June 24, 2015

heart on wave

today i'm having a mood for colorful outfit!(◍•ᴗ•◍)
So today I had a photoshoot in parking lot in a mall

and the security guard was soooo nice !1!!1 he even lets us 'borrow' the trolley
 (which i think usually they wont allow us to borrow it or step on
I hope he have a nice day too˖°✧˖°˖✧(⁰▿⁰)

It makes me so happy when someone is being nice to me
(i find it so rare to get a 'nice' attitude from people in here lol)
faith in humanity restored!(◍•ᴗ•◍)

OH!!!! AND...
only in the tips, sadly.
I'm still have to study in 'that' school for 1 more i think i wont dye whole of my head before i graduated from 'that' school...since 'that' school is very berry strict about hair (even thou they didn't even notice my bleached hair underneath for half a year lol) 

I went trough 2times bleaching, 
after bleaching and showering myself i thought 
"WHOA...finally i have blonde this is what blonde hair looks like"
lol. pardon me.

the lighting was so good in i was in my ++MAX CONFIDENCE++ so i took a lot of photos so pardon of the photospam^_^


my 'whoops' or 'shit' face
I wore my tie dye beaded crop tee! IT'S MY FAVORITE TEE!!!!OK1!!1!!1 (for the time being)'s so ~˖°colorful✧˖°~
I love anything resembles rainbow! or you can say "Colorful" lol.
Well, wearing nice outfit gives you nice mood too! IT'S PROVEN✧˖°

I also wore many bracelets, hey! wearing many bracelets is so fun!٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
I wore my saints bracelet which I bought in my last year of middle school, I've been loving it so much, idk I'm not a really religious person but I love it so much

Did you notice that I wore 3 glowsticks lol????
I love the way glowstick bracelets look so yeah!

I also wore my turquoise sneakers today (ugh, so much efforts for typing turquoise...)
(i like to think turquoise = tortoiseshell LOL)
To match my tie dye tee, I wore the tie dye socks and colorful shoelaces

Oh and, the size of my sneakers is 35. IT ACTUALLY FITS?!!?buT IDK??? my feet hurts like hell after wearing this. (I assume I'm size 35 but better wear the 36 one lol)

all i wanna do is smile, smile and smile!
It's so fun! HOLIDAY IS SO FUN!!!!
+゚*。:゚+It's been a long time since the last time I feel so free+゚*。:゚+


oh hey look1!!!1 it's me looking natural but ended up looked sleepy

after that, we had a photoshoot on a trolley!

LOOK1!1!! MY NEW HAIR!!!?!!?!?11
pardon me, peepz.
but I'm in love with my green hair(◡‿◡✿)

by the way, I also wear beads for my hair
I love it I should've bought 100 of these things!!!1!1! I'M GONNA BUY IT AGAIN OK

What I Wear :

Tee : Bugis Street
Jeans Shorts : Thrifted
Socks : DIY
Sneakers : Unknown Brand


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  2. Hahaha, the photos are like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day, you look so happy here, I'm happy just by reading and looking at this post! ^_^ Oh yes, always feels amazing when people are nice, most of the time when we take photos people are reserved and don't let us do a lot of thing, kudos for the security guard, wish him all the best for being so awesome! :D
    You are as cute as a button here, I love the colorful hairbands, such an awesome idea, might steal it from you, please don't hate me if I do :D The new green hair is so rad, turned out perfect!

  3. what a nice security guard
    i want to dye my hair so baadd
    i envy you, your happy feelings are showing through the pictures naturally and i cant because im so stiff in front of the camera XD
    love this post

  4. Lovely photos!
    I love your sneakers<3


  5. cute tie die shirt !!

  6. Aw oh my god I love your outfit- those shoe laces are the bomb
    So jealous of you dying your hair green- I reallllly want to dye my hair a different colour but I'm worried about permanently messing it up haha

  7. kak mampir yah, anak dasa kan ?