Sunday, June 7, 2015

happy go sucky fucky

The title is kinda...weird but it's the title of my current favorite song!!
"Happy Go Sucky Fucky" by Die Antwoord

Let me share my favorite phrases from the song : 

"...Cause I choose to be free
Fuck your rules! Who are you to tell me
What I can and what I can't do?
Fuck you bitch! I just want to be me!

I party properly
Nobody fuck with me
Wear what the fuck I like in the streets"

YAAAaAaAssss How I love energetic songs, It makes my day.

So school has ended, finally.
I've waited this time for half a year...
Half a year of struggling and telling myself school will be over in * hours...

Idk if I can move class because I need to give reason why infront of the counseling teacher and my parents while I don't really want my parents know how I've been doing in school...

But today I had a photoshoot with my friend in Junior High school!
yaaaay!! Rememberring good ol' time where I don't know any fuckboi...
What a nice memories...

My outfit today is just a simple outfit since I'm not in the mood for dressing up (My confidence is still badly damaged 'cause this and that so...)
I got the tee from Bugis street for only 5$ yasssssSSSssSS I love cheap things

You know, since...april maybe??? I've always wear tights or pants to cover up...
The reality is my I'm really insecure about my dark knees...
Boys in my class is bitching about how dark my knees are...
or saying "lol that is fat people's knee...thick knees lol"

y'know i look so creepy from above.definitely not gonna try this again.
y'know, I did a heavy editing to this since my shoes is pretty dirty.
The Socks is DIY!! I made it last year...
It kinda reminds me with my "Remake Project"...ugh...
I need to continue it some time....The socks is matching the shoelaces yaaaay!

...........Y'know, I've always wondered....
..........why my pictures is not High Quality like other bloggers do????????????'s kinda craPPy!!!! ugh.
....Maybe the lens? 
....Or I don't need to use minimizer app to minimize the pic?
.....Do minimizer app makes the quality drop...?
.....So I need to edit just from the original photo?
.........and upload it...??
.....But wouldn't it be too heavy???(It's 5MB+ ffs..???)
.....ugh??????I'm so confused and envy while seeing other blogger's HQ photos...
....while mine...
crappy af.

I should've buy the pink one too...

It waaaas so much fun!!!! 
I actually went to thrift shop too with her and buy some knitted crop tee for next summer swimming (Actually it's 24/7 summer here. cries)

What I Wore :

Tee : Bugis Street
Tights : Unknown Brand
Socks : DIY
Sneakers : COLORBOX
Backpack : ANAP GIRL

See you again!! 
Definitely gonna have a lot of photoshoot this holiday!!!!!


  1. Nice outfit! I love your shoes <3
    I encourage you to tell your counselling teacher and your parents because it's for your well-being in school. I believe you can do this! Semangattt! :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  2. nice shoes
    new post:

  3. I think I know how you're feeling. I have big body and I even lost my confidence because people kept teasing me about how big my legs and arms are. That's why I didn't show many outfit post on my blog. But then I don't want not to do things I love because of other people's teasing :") ganbatte ne!

  4. the lyrics are very catchy thoo <33
    cool outfit~ adore the backpack :D

    cheer, michelle ~

  5. I love your socks! So cool that they are DIY.
    And I think your photos are perfect...mine are not great but I always change the contrast and saturation in photoshop to make them look more vibrant.

    { }

  6. Love the shoes!
    xx Elle

    New outfit post on: - Swedish Fashion Blogger and Model in TOKYO

  7. cute look! love the shoe lace it matches your sneakers. I know what you feel I' am very insecure of my arms, for me its fat so I seldom wear sleeveless shirts. You should try editing your pictures with lightroom or photoshop, if not just look for free picture editors in the web and try to upload it as original size. The quality will look much better. Hope this helps <3

    1. WAAAAA!!! thank youuu!!!!^_^ I've edited the original file and yeah it kinda looks different...but not as clear as a maybe I should really change lens lol...

  8. you're so cuteee babe, love your outfit!

  9. I think editing apps usually damage the quality. You can use Photoshop, but if it's not your cup of tea I often use the following online editing programs:, and
    Also, I'm pretty sure there are free online sites that you can use for resizing photos.
    But honestly, I think your photos are lovely, you can just add some fancy effects and you're peachy!
    I love the DIY socks, so fun and pretty. and you look very cute from above, stop with the self hate! You are awesome!
    As for the stupid boys in your class, I truly feel your pain dude, but school is just a stupid phase, don't let it pull you down. Why don't you want to tell your parents? I think it might help and you can move to a different class.