Saturday, May 16, 2015

trip to Malaysia and Singapore! -- 1st day

After 4 days no school~~ 
(including 1 day skipping school bc im too lazy to meet those fuckboys)
My confidence is filled up again! yay!
I went to Malaysia and Singapore in 3 days 2 nights~

And, I'm gonna tell you 1 more good thing!
In 2 weeks, there's no more school, only holidayz!!<3
I just need to survive in this 1 week of studying and 1 week of exams...
I can do it!

I ate this matcha gelato after landed in KLIA!
I ate this because I didn't eat anything since the only available food in there was curry-spiced food, ugh.

After that, we went to Putrajaya and take a stroll there, 
I like the architectures there, looks like i'm in Europe or somewhere like that.

Cardigan : Lee Cooper // Tee : Thrifted // Skirt : Thrifted // Black Tights : Unknown brand // Shoes : Native

I really like this pic!
For my outfits, This time I try to look like those british schoolgirl (lol)
with the Union Jack cardigan and the tartan pleated skirt.
I also wear black tights because we were heading to genting highland.

After that, we headed to genting highland, 
I've always enjoyed going to theme park, but too bad, the theme park was renovated...

But we took cable car and enjoyed the serene scenery from above<3

idk why the heck did i posed like this

After that we headed to hotel to get some rest
We got the room in the 13th floor
I'm not a superstitious person kinda creeped me out and i've always been scared of hotels...
But when I looked out from the window, I saw a concrete jungle.
*plays seoul- stay with us* 

Part.2 is coming soon!
Stay tuned! yay!


  1. I love your post !

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  2. Seems like you had fun there! :)

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  3. cute look~ love it when you pair it with your platform <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. Malaysia and Singapore both in 3 days?! Wow I didn't think it was possible for such a short trip. Looking forward to reading more ^_^

    { }

  5. Looks fun and nice trip! have a nice week of trip!

  6. I really fall in love with your skirt!

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