Sunday, May 10, 2015

be a body

Hello guys!! Long time no see! 
2 Weeks!! that's a long long time, rite?!

How's things? Me?! not good at all!!!111!
at this rate I can do a massive shooting in school. lol. nah. no. nein. don't want to do that. I don't want to be a evil person.
But seriously, I want to tell everyone in my class "OI YOU ALL!!! GO ROT IN HELL!!!11!!1!"
Especially the boys.
I can't stand anything in my class anymore I feel like to start Battle Royale thingy everytime I step my feet to school
I've decided. I'm gonna move to another class.
Yes. It's called running away. buT. who the heck can stand being sexual harassed by the nasty fuckboys, and noone in class gonna stand by your side (especially the girls?!?!!?! they are the worst)
And the worst of it, they (those shitty girls) thought that I LIKE being harassed?!!?!
are they serIOUS?!!?!!?!!!!!

I'm sorry.
I angry whenever think of my class.

So today I went out with my sister
Actually she's the one that want to buy clothes...
But I ended up being the one who buys clothes lol


I wear oversized yellow cardigan with polo shirt inside and it looks uber cute!
And I wear ripped shorts but because the cardigan is so big I look like I don't wear any pants lol
Also, to make my look more cheerful, I wear my tattoo tights<3 

I also wear this cute green neon backpack from ANAP which I bought in Bali when I went there in my field trip last year:D
Dam, I miss the good vibez in Bali:(

cropped it because my face looks weird lol1!!!!!1111!

I also wear colorful socks and shoelaces!:D
I keep my shoes plain today because I think I have wear enough color today^^

Ok because I still traumatized by the 1st February accident which made me lost my phone, I freaked out when someone passes the street (I always pick outdoor photoshoots in almost-empty area lol...)
So a middle aged man passes the street and headed to the grass field, and I immediately hopped to my motorcycle and said to my sis "Let's leaVE THIS PLACE QUICK!1~11!!1!11111"
So we left that grass field quickly.
I hate being a scared person but I'm still traumatized...

We continued our photoshoot infront of my house's garage lol

What I wore :

Cardigan : Thrifted
Polo Shirt : Thrifted
Shorts : Thrifted
Tattoo Tights : i forgot the store name...instagram online shop...
Socks : DIY
Shoes : Colorbox 


  1. luv ur backpack <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. I don't think that moving to a new class is running away, it sounds like a positive decision to make that will improve yourself, so I fully support it! :)

    Your outfit is cute as always :D


  3. Your colourful socks are so cute >.<
    Love your outfit<3

  4. I support your choice of moving class, hope your condition will be better. Anyway, nice outfit! :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  5. When people suck they suck! The best we can do is try and change our surroundings,so I completely understand your decision and suport it wholeheartedly! As for the fear of strangers, have you considered getting a pepper spray? You don't need to use it, just having it will make you more relaxed and at ease.
    I love this colorful ensemble, the cardigan is so cute and you are adorable as an ice cream cone! ^_^

  6. good luck rafa, I support your decision and I hope you will feel better in ur new class:)
    i love your backpack awww cute outfit!!

    xo. Lulu