Friday, April 10, 2015

summertime sadness

Let me tell you things about me first...

I'm the type of kid in class that always go to other class in recess time.
I'm the type of kid in class that is like air, you don't even recognize if  i am missing.
I'm the type of kid in class...that doesn't have any close friend.

Actually, I really like my class right now.
Since I got into social class, so the type of friendship would be different (yea it's totally different)
People in here is all funny, carefree, lazy, etc etc.
And, I hated my 10th grade classmates.
They...just...laugh at things that make other's feeling hurt

Well. Today we went to Pahawang Island. ah, actually I have went there before.

All I remembered... All I feel there is...warmth...
Warmth of togetherness...
(Please remember that I am a person that doesn't even know what is it feels to have any friends)
(So...I kinda...feel excited)
(yes this sound cheesy as fuck)

Tee : Thrifted//Shirt : UNIQLO (Thrifted)//Pants : Unknown Brand
Ok, maybe some of you wondering why the heck I wore long pants to a beach while in other outfits I always wear shorts or skirts...
Das because...idk how to put it...but ...well..uh, um...
Last year, I got so tanned after coming here, and I kinda don't want to be tanned anymore since my legs are SOOOO TANNEDDDD because I often wear shorts...
I really want to have ayumi seto's fair skin but i think it's kinda impossible...

Here are some shots from my friend's phone !

with our homeroom teacher! 
yep. me in group picture = the one who's hiding

Well, I did really enjoy my trip to this pahawang island (for the 2nd time)
But I think I kinda regret some things...


  1. looks like you had a great time <3

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. such a nice trip, beautiful place and have a joy!

  3. Hope you have fun there! :)

    Visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. Haha, I knew we have tons of things in common, I didn't have any friends when I was in school either, really sucked! I'm so happy you found some nice people there, and ooooh, now I get why you want to lighten your skin! :D It's a hard task, especially with that sun over there :D If I could, I would give you my whiteness, my legs are always so white and ugly, I want to tear my skin off! I want to be tanned!!!

    1. yeaaaa! even in rainy season it's still hot like hell....:") but one day im gonna live in 4 season country and my skin will be white! xD i hope that can be tru!:<