Monday, April 13, 2015

stay with us

Hi everyone!
YAAAAY!! Finally!! 1 week holiday (again) ! 
Because our senior is having National Exam this week~
Next year, It will be us...ugh

So today me and my friends watch Furious 7
I'm into watching movies now lol 
Actually I don't watch all of fast n furious series. I only watched the Tokyo drift one lol.

About my outfit, today I wore long pants (yeah I'm in lightening skin process so I DON'T WANT TO WEAR REVEALING CLOTHES IT CAUSE MY SKIN TANS VERY EASILY))))
I also ripped the jeans jacket and the pants.
Usually, when i rip off my jeans, I'll ended up regretting my decision but this time...
I'm reeaally satisfied with the result! it's successful !
Since I really love ripped jeans!
(But I look like shit if i wear boyfriend ripped jeans)

The jacket is inspired by these : 

Jeans Jacket : Calvin Klein ((Thrifted)) (Ripped by me) // Tee : Thrifted // Shoes : @sepatulukispunkpinkpop (IG)
 I actually didn't quite satisfied by the photos since there is just few good photos taken.
Anddddd we had to finish the mini-photo-session because those scumbag human rubbish (read : mamang mamang bau keringet) keeps teasing and catcalling us.
like seriously dude
Those kind of man, I hate them. I hope they rot in hell.
like we didn't even bothering them why the hell they need to bother us?

Here are the details of my outfit:


  1. cool outfit! i love that denim jacket on you! you look so awesome! xx
    From Bali, Indonesia - with love, Imme ❤

  2. cool DIY!


  3. gorgeous as always rafa!<3

    xo, Lulu

  4. Oh very cute outfit
    Great jacket
    Now I´m following you in GFC#56
    I hope your follow me back

  5. Cool DIY idea! You look amazing <3

  6. amazing post :)
    have a nice weekend, kisses :)

  7. Oh yes, the good old catcalling, I love it. I always wondered what do men get from catcalling, do they think that's the only way they can get your attention or are they just retarded in general. Totally understand your pain girl! :D
    As for the outfit, oh boy, it's awesome, the ripped jacket is a great idea, awesome DIY! Also, you're lightening your skin? Why is that? In my country tan is regarded as super cool and trendy :D