Thursday, April 2, 2015

candy flavored lips

Ahhh, Spending each holiday making movies with mini photo session lol

This the last day I'm joining them making movies
 (I can't attend it the next day because i need to go to beach lel)

Today we had photoshoot with my friend's scooter, 
The scooter is so cuuute...we can't resist to take photos without it !

I get new knowledge about photography from people in clubs everyday lol
Actually I've googled some but ...I think being explained directly makes us getting the idea easier..

For the photos below, we used our friend's lens...Now I'm craving to buy new lens..
Btw, I just figured out that the problem of my camera is in the lens (the autofocus won't work)
When I tried to use my friend's lenses, It worked.

being shot by better lens makes my feeling little better too
So yeah! That wraps up the events in my club's short movie making!:D
It was soooo fun!

What I Wore :

Tee : LOGO
Tights : Unknown Brand
Shoes : @sepatulukispunkpinkpop (IG)


  1. Cool photos and style! Eszter

  2. Wow it makes such a difference with the new lens! The photos are amazing and so is the scooter - I'm jealous :)

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