Monday, March 9, 2015

chubby bunny

I often thinks.....
In my society, Why it's better to hate on ourselves than to be proud of ourselves?

But I'm so proud of myself so I can take care of myself better.
And I KNOW it when to be proud of myself, and when to be amazed by other people.

But for now, 
I'm still trapped in a city where the people is reAAAlly close minded and idiotic 
(not in academic ways)
(not all people, though. but majority)
So that's why (((maybbbee)))) I keep being proud of myself

And I know that i'm not perfect, I still have flaws. so yeah...

why i look so skinny here:">

This is my Cat, Bean!
She's 5 years old now:D
Many people thought something bad happened to this cat that made her hair looks...weird?
But it's not! This is a Tortoishell cat!:<
She's a great mother, btw!
Now, She has 3 kittens...wait, why i'm telling you story about Bean?

The Details of my Tee!
So cute riiiight?!
It's from SPUMONI by Franko
Lucky me~~I got this for only 1$ YAAAAAASSS

My cutie patootie shoes~

What I wore :

Bunny Ears : No Brand
Tee and Shorts : Thrifted
Shoes : GOSH

Oh, and btw!
I posted new youtube video!:D
It's my Bali and Jogja Haul Video!
Please check 'em out<333


  1. You look so cute! :3

  2. Very engaging post dear! it's so fun to read until the end of it ♥

  3. you look adorably cute! x3

    cheer, michelle ~