Sunday, February 22, 2015

why oh why my face looks sleepy everytime

Hello guys! 
Finally, seniors are having their prep exam!
and we the juniors are all like "YAY HOLIDAY!!1!"

Today, the lightning was so good that i can't hold myself to do a photoshoot
I miss outdoor photoshoots tho,
But I still reaaally scared to do outdoor photoshoots.
Not only outdoor photoshoots, just walking alone in the alley made me shivers so hard
and I can't sleep alone anymore because i'm traumatized by everything that happens on that day
Yes, I hope god do something to them.
They made me suffer this much.

One of my problems is my face.
Nope, I don't think my face is ugly
But what really bothers me is I ALWAYS LOOK SLEEPY IN PHOTOS
(in real life too, maybe)
But (almost all of) my family's face always looks sleepy...
Maybe because we have such small eyes
(But i love my small eyes)

yes i still look sleepy even when i am smiling/laughing 

I also did some doodlin' to my photos which looks reallyyyy good

holy cow i look so cute
Btw my bangs really suuuux so i tried to take a photo without them and...

What I wore :

Sweater and Shorts : Thrifted
Socks : Unbranded


  1. i like that hotpants (y)

    draw a litle smile with your lips to eliminate your sleepy face ..
    i sure, u re beautifull...

    roaming | batu akik

  2. You look so cute! Cute outfit and I love the shorts <3

    xo, Lulu❤

  3. so adorable!! :D

    cheer, michelle ~