Monday, February 16, 2015

Thrift Shop Haul #3 !!

So, I got interested in Vlogging and Travel V-Diaries so...
I started uploading my videos on Youtube!!

The first video that i uploaded was my V-diary to Bali and Jogja!!

I simply record everything that i see (if not, that i find interesting) and ended up not taking many photos....ugh..
But it's ok since the important thing is collecting memories, not photos.

And the second video is my Thrift Shop haul
It's been half year since the last time i shared my Thrift Shop haul..

The next thing i'm gonna do probably my Make-up tutorial, Birthday Haul (which contains taobao unboxing)...and maybeeee...Room tour (but i'm not pretty sure since my room is so plain)

And sorry if I don't take photos of outfits...because I'm still traumatized by outdoor photoshoots...
But i'm gonna do it next week or next month(...yea)


  1. cute stuffs you got there :D
    i'm subscribing to your channel now~ hope we can collab soon ;;)

    cheer, michelle

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  3. Nice stuff you got :D

  4. nice videos